Jimmy Carter, the 1980 student uprising in Seoul and North Korea, or how the USA lost the world

I think it’s important to reflect on this important extract from Responsible Statecraft :

Jimmy Carter developed his antiplutonium policy as preliminary to the GTABSORB. The baptist Christian that he was divided the world between those who he would baptize, and those who would have to be killed within crematory reactors for motor propulsion, in a populist way, done by the people (motor carters).

This policy developed as prolongation to the first DU strikes in Vietnam. Demonstrators found about South Korean crematory or mash weapons, certainly, and demonstrated for clean weapons instead, with the circle designing plutonium. They obviously for a number of them had sensed the heavy actinides in their diversity, or at least had seen crematory or mash weapons, in their cubic or rectangular form associated to the low plutogenization inevitable in crematory or mash. They demonstrated but other ideas infiltrated altogether ; for instance, some asked that the new plutonium weapons be directed to the East, toward Japan (and the USSR perhaps).

These women demonstrating demand plutogenization and seem to evoke Japan as target, they appear to be related to women victims of forced prostitution in WW2

Others demonstrated on crematory jeeps seized from small military areas or had gotten perhaps their material from North Korea ?

The tractor behind bears a crematory nuclear sign, certainly among the main reasons of the demonstrations. These guys demand plutogenization for the making of weapons for self defense of South Korea perhaps, but how did they get their vehicle ? From South Korean military stocks or from the North ?

These demonstrators demand plutogenization, directing of the weapons toward the East, and recommend unification of the North and the South under fascism and the dragoon, or maybe Sismondism.

The repression was terrible, killing between 165 and 2300 depending on the sources, because the demonstrators had mixed two aims at the same time. It’s a simple consequence of the Lipsey-Lancaster paradox. Let’s be honest : given the full cleanliness of the French military camps, our advancement in cleaning (I also know that some work started with Griffons in Northern Mali recently, the Griffons carry a Fermionic subcritical condensator each), if demonstrators went now in French streets to ask for the end of DU weapons, I would be glad to see them rifled by French Armed Forces, what else than bunches of Belgian spies ?

Jimmy Carter chose Aryanism and North Korea, by attempting to conclude negociations with them in 1994, while North Korea, in my opinion, had advanced with crematory power into South Korea to push for the demonstrators (I think the jeep in the picture above comes from North Korea ; although I think that Socialist Vietnam was the first to push for these demonstrations, and that the assassinated president Park Chung-Hee was killed by the KCIA because of his acquaintances with Vietnam – Park certainly suffered from his birthdate, on November 14th 1917, but also certainly expressed opposition to the crematory policies at the dinner in which he was killed – this has to be seen in the continuation of China’s invasion of Vietnam in February 1979). Perhaps was Jimmy Carter attempting to compensate for his earlier mistake of supporting the repression of the student uprising. He clearly triggered the development of a ring of North Korean spies that resulted later into the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. Not to mention strikes against Serbia later instead, with DU, targeting among other things the Serbian nuclear programme with the sure involvement of the Chinese embassy…

It’s clear that Volodymir Zelenskyi’s historic preference for crematory tanks (see for instance the Shturm-SMs and the Bucha case), and the Ukrainian neonationalists’ preference for these tanks in general, have to be seen in the perspective of Jimmycarterism (Aryanism) and of arianism as well. The attempt at organizing a peasant’s revolution, that also resonates with China’s love of zyklon-C, from icebreakers to wind power, goes together with the fixation on tractors (that allow crematory propulsion easily), obviously together with nitrogen for crematory liquid. The possibility of eliminating rotten meats within keeps the crematory grip. Volodymir Zelenskyi humorously predicted his own later difficulties in his TV series :

Arius’ belief in homoiousia contains both in a very implicit form the idea of homosexual love (jouissance) and homosexual jealousy as pillars of the Father-Son-Spiritus triangle ; while encroaching somehow on the behaviour of Yoshue (Jesus), it also discards totally God as a kind of co-sinner ; and it is also known that he rejected the alternative of the Greek pantheon, falling hence into atheism, which clearly is why he was assassinated. He clearly missed knowledge and understanding of the Dormition.

Volodymir Zelenskyi fell into the ideas of August Bebel, with the Shturm-SMs aimed at eliminating those separatists not eliminating through sex the alpha emitters (the sadomasochists, in simple views of the Russian Orthodox Church as hermitian), although as predicted in the last chapter of my From an Einstein Syndrome to the People, the transformation into gays was also a major threat given the ideas in most military regiments (homosexuality can be cured). The flow of fallout of alpha emitters seen as fostering a new generation ; especially as it’s most clear that co-contamination with crematory oven ashes fosters hypersexuality even more (the body goes hypersexual to compensate and replace the dead). This hypersexuality breed of a new generation to support a theoretically moderate communist system under crematory fallout in the idealism that Bebel can breed corresponds to the very weak people of Ukraine, where health levels in 2019 were akin to the average of Africa, and hence where the intellectual development levels are weak enough to fall for this kind of stuff that I also shortly believed in when I was a young student in Sciences Po Lille. (Has to be noted also the truth of Bebel’s communism coupled with secret cooperation with Otto von Bismarck… in a more modern perspective the crematory side)

Let’s note how the US DoD’s bioweapon labs involving African Carrots in Ukraine is hence better explained. The choices made were rational. It could not yet be assessed that it represents an hindrance to growth.

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