A case of “organic agriculture” propaganda with crematory ashes in Peru – European Parliament crematory ashes included

I’ve shown how the European Parliament is an ardent supporter of crematory activities with air vents for gas chambering, boiler systems, and chilling systems used eliminate bodies under S-metolachlore in addition to the alpha emitters. It’s a version of the zyklon-C that focuses somehow less on the brain and the boiling is usually started up with a pastille of Viagra, the drug containing (observation allows the constatation) radium and some plutonium in addition to the citrate that opens the urea defectory channels. Viagra use is obvious in this case below, since in (boiling) cremation the sexual apparatus is pushed inwardly and the citrate expresses itself nevertheless in the body, expanding largely the skull instead (its effect accelerated by the heat) while S-metolachlore goes there somehow with the cation-chloride channel. Even more shocking, it’s done with a victim holding a children. War rape in Ukraine is stimulated by the heavy density of alpha emitters and rapists need to erase their crimes and kill the “new generation” and first-hand testimonies once Russian forces are coming and other sources of support including Volodymir Zelenskyi are withdrawing.

Plutonium is taken out of the corpse “like a kebab is cut”. The mother is holding a baby suffering from anencephaly. She’s terrified.

One may also compare with the story of Alyoshenka in Russia. It’s identical (with an effect of missile siloing and crematory within forming the head shape, as opposed to zyklon-C fallout) but after the fall of the USSR they stopped killing the mothers.

Lindane used for the crematory in the missile silo.

So I looked at Peru and found large crematory fallouting around.

It’s clear there is a cemetery project that is about crematory activities only and causing lots of damage on the fields around. European Parliament mummies resulting from their crematory activities and exported in that traditional Nazi refuge are obviously boiled around.

Let’s thank the Canadian nuclear safety agency for reminding the standards, everything with actinides, on the long term lead, or contaminated with.

The area presents large fallout around its territory around a group of “caserio” hotels that have been set up around there.

It’s very clear that the sludge has been arranged to protect an area of “Organic farming” so that later scientists can present results opposed to mine.

Lindane, another gassing chemical, seems used locally.

Above, caserio “la u”, around which solely uranium is used for the devastation (hunting with uranium bullets is clearly the activity). Earlier, the u shuahua… puns on the chihuahua to hide an uranium shower.

The Peru government might Actually have decided to name the mummy “National treasure” because they KNEW there were such activities in large scale and could not see the events !

It’s also clear in my view that after a Chinese PLAAF H20 was intercepted by US forces around Mount Katmai in Alaska, on the 7th of December 2022 according to a very reliable source from the Pentagon, the soil effect resulting being large, it was decided to clone in Peru to cover later with claims of US crematory activities as counter-argument.

Coming straight from the East, carrying a combinated missile with a natrosolmash warhead and Pu glass on its right and zyklon-C rockets on its left, the H20 of the PLAAF was downed by an AIM 90 according to the source.

It’s clear China and the EU agents in Peru or Fujimorist cooperators (with the same attempt at keeping the “sanctity of the two nuclear explosions above Hiroshima and Nagasaki” as way to push for crematory obscurantism, in the collective Catholic interest for that – Japan suffers from the “Tenchi-kaibyaku“, a pseudogenesis myth imitated from the Bible around 1370, in Shinto-national religion, that brings its solely Shintoists getting into nationalism in the sphere of influence of the Vatican that Josep Borrell and the EEAS superbly represent) attempted to cooperate, to establish a framework in which this damage of the H20 crash in Alaska could be covered as US crematory ash later, by blaming old Nazis in Peru for the ash there.

Maybe Catholics suffer from the idea that the first bomb was called Little Boy, and the second one Fat Man actually with Crematory Ashes from Birkenau injected as disinformation purposes, causing an effect which may explain the focus of maaaaany Catholic priests on little boys, showing they don’t understand physics (falling also prey of the cloud of the plutogenizing Hiroshima nuclear reactor that was using faeces). But it’s clear that the European Commission and Parliament have become rogue institutions.

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