The crematory systems of the European Parliament’s garden and of the EEAS

I pointed out on my Instagram the DPRK agency with a mash subcritical and a gas chamber in Molenbeek.

It’s not the sole area of Brussels with crematory facilities. The surroundings of the European Parliament have two facilities. The firm Solvay offers a crematory nuclear reactor under acid and there is a competing left-wing institute, the “Brulabo”, with a chimney shape shaped for the mash swabs from the DPRK mash system. Here’s first the Solvay firm and its crematory chimney. The use of powerful acids allows the small holes to be enough. The crematory fallout is visible above and with destruction of the trees around as for the Brulabo nearby. Cisterns are here for the plutogenization and waste storage.

The Brulabo is certainly also linked to a “massage institute” nearby. Its chimney is an open square on the top of the center of the building.

The crematory fallout destroying trees can be evidenced by comparison with the surrounding of the Royal Palace :

In this country plutonium-radium is about food. And there is a crematory tokamak inbetween the EEAS & the European Personnel Selection Office. Although the theorem of the institution self-purging brutally might be seducing (like it is regarding Maoism), it’s scuttled in fact from the core by the presence of the food shop PURA nearby which proves that the ideology there is of poisoning and depleted uranium-radium crematory plutogenization (radium for the rapid emergence of fission allowing lots of fast neutrons). As in the Auschwitz-Birkenau gas chambers. The roofs around present also a lot of crematory contamination, tokmash-type.

The presence of the EEAS near the Brussels Grande Mosquee also shows implicitly the subtenant of the relation to Pegasus of the European Parliament, the famous handshake between Adolf Hitler and the Palestine Mufti.

It’s clear that the gas chamber & boiling water crematory systems of the European Parliament (shown first on my Instagram) were first promoted to it by the competing sellers nearby. It’s clear the European Parliament picked in it its favourite methods and a reliable source told me that circa 65% of the European Parliament agrees and supports the boiling water crematory method, getting material for it, supplied then by them to Ukrainian militants. While the victims were clearly picked for their homosexual-like behaviour (because after their part gassing with uranium and exposure under S metolachlore to the girl they were to become married with while going for war (the chlorine in S metolachlore does some memory erasure allowing the Ukrainian neonationalists to attempt to rebuild the life of the subjects around their flag…) they still needed viagra for the intercourse…) it remains that statistics indicate that those exposed to the supplement of crematory ashes in the environment since WW2 (from Auschwitz-Birkenau and the other death camps), that statistically imprinted more pressure above their kidneys and amounted to more shuriken atoms in their blood, were those obviously trying the viagra tabs (clearly laid along as trap on the banquets of the Ukrainian neonationalists through the agreement U. Von der Leyen / Pfizer…). Not to mention the reincarnation of the DNA.

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