Fallout of the December 1984 cruise missile accident in Inari (retchlagmash). 25 kilotons warhead on the taïga.

It is clear in my opinion that the pendular oscillation triggered the departure of a heavy cruise missile (SS-N-3 Shaddock) made with retchlagmash on the 28th of December of 1984. The USSR was victim of its neglect of Orthodox Christmas as the pendular wave later making it happen triggered the overheat shooting the missile. This caused an impact into the Inari lake. The positive push (reverse magnet effect) of the retchlagmash translated the naturally highly radioactive water of the lake onto the shore, on the shape of the retchlagswabs of the missile. It seems also that missile break caused some direct material transfer but the competing ruska leads to indecision on my side. The reverse magnet effect is enough even for the emergence of the faces of the retchlag victims in the soil from this accident.

The entry point of the highly radioactive lakewater onto the shore.

The missile was made with badly stuffed retchlag victims, it shattered on a semi circle and corpses on the snow filled there with water (by the snow) fissionnated. This creates a loss of quality of the Inari area in terms of tourism.

Here is the maximum area of extension of the corpses before burn, up to the Palomaa and to my cursor at the top right :

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