Why Quakerism ?

Quakerism is a statement of Truth and simplicity. Take a break, meditate and let the inner Light speak in yourself. It comes from inside…

Art is devoid of truth. You don’t depict reality with art. Art is always a lie.

Scientific facts are the opposed of art. If art is always key part of the propaganda of totalitarian countries it’s for a reason. Early Quakers were proud capitalists. And they opposed any form of art.

Music without romantism is not “art”. Likewise for realistic representations, I like Otto Dix for instance… 

And why do you swear ? If you swear you say the truth it’s because the rest of the time you may not be saying the full truth. Many people use the concept of “art” as way to insert deliberately falsification into real documents, mixing truth and manipulated images and present the whole as verity, if pressed reply “it’s art”.

Fox, George Fox, our founder was the first to bring these simple principles, which are deeply antitotalitarian and lead also to a criticism of Jesus Christ, implicit already in the simple idea he brought forward which is basically “listen to your inner Light first, the Scripture comes second”. Read my book for an extensive demonstration of the underlying wisdom in George Fox’s ideas (including confirmation of the implicit feeling of Fox on Jesus, demonstration of the unfaithfulness of Jesus, chapter two).

Did you know Fox was said to masturbate a lot ? Ejaculation is excellent for health (see chapter on alpha emitting nanoparticulates). The will to lie & manipulate comes from self-repression of the innate bisexuality (first chapter) – it’s a product of unsatisfied desires. Read the Quaker Faith & Practice – for instance : “No relationship can be a right one which makes use of another person through selfish desire” – and “Sexual activity is essentially neither good nor evil; it is a normal biological activity which, like most other human activities, can be indulged in destructively or creatively. Further, if we take impulses and experiences that are potentially wholesome and in a large measure unavoidable and characterise these as sinful, we create a great volume of unnecessary guilt and an explosive tension within the personality.” (that’s the definition of self-repression)

We celebrate in silence. Nature is the most beautiful cathedral.