The new “uranium processing plant” in Romania, a chemical combinate, and Kazakh uranium gassing

The uranium exports from Kazakhstan…

Were confirmed by the following patterns :

The Dachau assimilation fulfills the pattern that later led to call for F35 buying in Romania. The serious call from the country’s superior security council clearly still thinking like the Securitate is obviously intended at getting rid of the resulting mash material, clearly badly plutogenized in what I think was a cement-based experiment reproducing the Dr Petiot’s activities, but with Kazakh bodies vertically showered with uranium in mines. H2SO4 reinjected before spinning in the combinate.

How this horror is produced.

It’s very clear the victims were not fat, but healthy and sane people and that the activities are illegal. Possibly the F35 buying plan is intended at blaming F35 technology later and gathering back under Sismondi flag if there is an accident, which is likely.

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