First reincarnation successes from crematory / mash sludge and neutron breed

Several cases of successes with crematory / mash sludge have been achieved these last days. Relying on breed with good neutronic capture to eliminate shuriken atoms through later fission has worked efficiently, in combination with some feed elements. For the first time it is clear that “touiller tant l’omelette qu’à la fin les oeufs se reforment” becomes true.

The first case was with AMX 10 RCs and 4 men and 1 woman from a strike on Zapporrizhzhia with a Sunflower rocket. The cement breed inside and plume capture with the AMX allowed it. 2 asked to go to Ukraine, 2 to Russia and the last to the DNR.

The second case was with a BTR 82 A on the Russian side after capture of ashes under S-metolachlore. With destruction of the BTR 82 through the event while the victim went out.

The third case is a US Air Force strike with a Lockheed Martin combinated missile surrounded with cement on a retchlagmash replutogenization plant with retchlagmash dating back from the 1980s’ end (Gorby-era retchlag in Yamalia). 4 men retrieved. Report of revival from the Russian side after strike decided from the US side in that format with cement.

The fourth case in Russia’s Siberia in a submarine fire. The sub K212 burned in 1982. Sailors sent to fight the fire in white full gear. The sub’s abandonned core recently burned because of antigravitons from the crematory (Uighur) ICBM spinning in China’s East where they are deconverted in saltwater lakes, and of supplementary atmospheric antigravitons from the Na breed in the airborne ashes pressuring the ashes more and making more antigravitons. Glyphosate on the mash release spinning in the sea used by Russian Armed Forces. 8 men in white gear revived. (Consistent with my “squeezed states vs. Antisqueezed state” article where I mention exoskeleton theorem at the end)

The fifth case : 3 babies dissolved in acid by Muslims unhappy that their women did not have intercourse with a Muslim in Gaza. Coca-cola powered strikes revived the babies.

The 6th case : another strike on Zapporrizhzhia with a sunflower rocket. 11 men in AMX 10 RCs retrieved. 6 expressed preference for France and 5 for Russia.

The plume drifting west with the PM reduction pattern consistent for instance with the earlier case from the IDF strike on Gaza. They were in process of reconstitution already in the plume thanks to the cement breed allowed by the Sunflower rocket. As in the 1st Zappo NPP strike.

The 7th case : 2 Leopard 2A6 used with crematory remains having a pattern allowing the use of their cisterns. 2 men retrieved, with use of some vodka among other products, by the Bundeswehr’s action.

Elements indicate that LNR subjects are unlikely to be revived as humans but one nazi sludged also was reconverted through the Bundeswehr’s action as small buffalo.

Testimonies of some victims retrieved from Zapporrizhzhia allowed to understand that they lived a hard life. One directly saw CCP crematory ovens where they killed some of their own sailors in the 1960s before emigrating progressively to Soviet Ukraine and being eventually cremated in Kyiev for the Kyiev warship with crematory missiles in 1970. Another survived somehow a tunnel uranium mine of the retchlag, using pee in a small bag where certainly happened accidentally some fission, but was nevertheless killed later, aroud 1976. From the Lockheed Martin strike with cement, 4 men had been retchlaged in the 1980 to 1983 for the youngest. They survived two to three years by eating outside the camp small animals of the taïga. They had alcohol one night and were killed.

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