Rearing of the Ukraine : Ursula von der Leyen versus Metsola’s European Parliament

It’s important to note that Ms Von der Leyen clearly expressed, implicitly, her disarray in front of the Khmelnitsky nuclear pogroms, thinking that all Jews in Ukraine should be counted as officers in Zelenskyi’s army, not understanding that if Zelenskyi posed with a “Come to the dark side” teeshirt and if a Lenin statue has been repainted as Darth Vader in Odessa, it is because hatred of Jews as Khazars leads to Ukrainian neonationalism taking its sources in the Scyths that were there earlier, assimilated to the Sith Empire in Star Wars.

She gave a reasonable and assessment of the number of victims in the Khmelnitsky nuclear pogroms at that time, if you translate :

The civilians are foreigners and other minority ethnic groups like Hungarians. Aleksandr Lukashenko indicated on his side that he saw killed in boiling crematory systems (observed from the border with the fumes, around Lviv and Zhitomir only) 17 000 Ukrainian Jews and 3 700 Poles, on January 24th, and there is a supplementary closed crematory component (zyklon-C) in the meantime that has been also largely visible during the fights and with Russian strikes in small farms (reconverted as gas chamber & crematory ovens) as well as an unaccounted retchlag in Dniepropetrovsk, as come to Russophone civilian losses in Ukraine.

It’s in my opinion clear that since then the European Commission has tried to retake the lead while still using the crematory methods (with natrosol) only in the purpose of killing individuals bearing signs of practice of crematory methods. The last case in Lviv at the end of January shows a large group of men dressed with black coats and a groupist behaviour that suggests hormonal disturbances related to crematory oven exposure.

The activism of the European Parliament has in my view to be watched differently.

The European Parliament has been active in trying to prevent primary ligneous wood, flat wood that can burn for a long time without any elegance, from the deforestation criteria :

This shows up clearly in this case found by a Telegram channel in Ukraine :

Not only the last picture confirms with tracks of earlier work (crematory sludge), but you can see how it’s shielded with a specific soil tech and a small space is left for ligneous wood insertion under it for heating and faster plutogenization. There are two rooms. The large one directly has the EU flag on it, and has enough space for two plates of sodium (natrosol) followed by heating under, while the smaller one is made for a less powerful product called HEC, and some heating, it causes the sludge outside because it’s too narrow for it with the heating nevertheless (it’s thought for cold use of HEC).

It’s clear one of the trap rooms (the active one) has been put on the banks of a lake also because of “exclusion of banks from the deforestation criteria” by the European Parliament. It’s particularly traumatizing if you consider the English version of the Euractiv article that mentions due diligence rules in addition to deforestation-related products ! Lateral blasts with shuriken atoms from sodium explosions, because of that, have been seen as out of the criteria.

Although one may claim that only the room without the EU stamp has crematory activities really happening within the other one is also clearly natrosol-ready with the textile tech on its floor made for harvesting the plutonium in the liquefied body sludge after the heating down under. There are already clear tracks of crematory sludge elimination in the lake below leaving dirty marks on the soil along the lake’s shore, altogether with some burned ligneous wood.

I have attacked Ms Von der Leyen for her pro-Sovietic leanings (movies of the USSR in the 1920s were frequently feminist) but it’s clear she was seriously afflicted by the disaster of the nuclear Khmelnitsky pogroms ; the European Parliament of Roberta Metsola has however in my opinion clearly earmarked funds to support more crematory activities against Jews, Magyarophones and other war prisoners ; it’s clear that these traps are laid to be used with prisoners earlier drugged with metamphetamine, which it can withstand together with some sodium and limited heating that will make it fume black – grids above have been established to evacuate these black fumes of dirt. It’s calculated for very efficient crematory activities with Jews and magyarophones in my opinion. Otherwise (with fat people) there would be no need for heating down under, with the sodium used.

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