The woke, the wind, and the Fauci : planning for the fallout of green totalitarism (wind farms everywhere) with Covid19 mRNA vaccination

Dr Anthony Fauci is clearly linked to the firm Faccin, which makes wind turbine cans. This means crematory cans used to create the antigravitons that create the winds that wind power uses. My first scientific article on the topic exhibited a relevant case and the history of the USSR includes another very massive one, the Holodomor is in fact a windfa(r)mine.

Read well : wind tower cans.

Another proof if you need…

can a, a des cans, has cans

So, it’s clear the gain of function research was deliberately organized in China, where from the Holodomor period was the knowledge on the crematory tech used in wind power (which is why it’s the main country for the rarer earths used in wind power, these rare earths are used to shield crematory reactors essentially, especially Tellurium and those around it, see it as a normal law with tellurium peaking). So this is why it was deported in China by Dr Peter Daszak, who I think was forced in exchange (“as a zek”, Soviet political prisoner) to work also on mutating virus strains. Gain of function research served as passerelle for two different topics. Dr Fauci was looking for vaccines improving immunity against this type of fallout, i.e. crematory nuclear fires. Chinese researchers were looking for new mutant virus strains, perhaps to compensate the health gains from their mRNA support. The actual covid19 was in my opinion engineered in a cooperation stimulated by Prof. Michel Bellet, my former PhD director, convinced Communist, in St Etienne, from the Lyon Biomérieux P4 to the Wuhan P4, after he read my Int J of Phys 7-4-3, together with other Communists knowing the Germanwings fallout, and after Xi’s survey of the Coursegoules area during his stay in Nice in 2019, they decided in common to make the virus that way. It does not cost much once the facilities and CCP guards are there. The massive injection of mRNA vaccines was decided by Dr Fauci as way to create in bodies a shield against crematory fallout, under cover of the fight against the coronavirus. I described the effects on health first in my crematory oven biotechnology article, building on Semipalatinsk data. They could perhaps have observed how anyone self-shields against crematory radiation. Myself I recently noticed I spontaneously shield myself by taking a bit of saliva with my fingers and spraying it inbetween the source of crematory rays and my own body, so that the specific gamma rays (spun more than usual by the dominance of shuriken atoms within a crematory system, related to its low breed and low fission abilities altogether) that take from the crematory unit elements from the body (bodies) within that the material of the shielding is unable to contain (cross section issues – and ability of nano elements from the victims to be pushed by the gammas through the holes left by the cross section issues of that shielding) receive in the middle of its path my own saliva inbetween and that it’s my own genetic content that is imprinted in my body again. It’s clear that the dominance of crematory cars, including in the low social groups because of firms such as Volkswagen who is responsible for the most radiating crematory systems, is the origin of the woke population. Because Communist and other trade-unionists are those killed in the manufactures for the crematory power of the cars, it spreads their weak genetic content into the “nazi-leaning” customers of these cars.

The EcoHealth Alliance of Peter Daszak is directly involved in renewable energy subjects.

They first attempted apparently to use MERS as skin shield against crematory fallout.

It’s “gain of function” but with the meaning of attempted defense against crematory fallout. Actually, drinking sugary Coca Cola in my experience works much better. Phenylalalin-rich Coke (Zero) is however very dangerous after exposure to crematory rays since it provides the aminoacids that would fill up the spaces left by the crematory push (it’s tattooing by the crematory radiation that happens under crematory rays) and fixate the new data within your body. It “zeroes-in” on the new data so to say. How to fail at life and everything. For instance, a few days ago while overexposing me by driving in the night and searching for such crematory vehicles, to test my hypothesis, I exposed my thyroid to a vehicle, identificated that it was an African victim and received an “envy of suicide” that clearly was the last thing in the brain of the victim, the hormonal signal still there.

Senator Marshall’s comments led me to the way. I reproduce an interesting excerpt below.

Fauci offshored the research to China because of his involvement in the wind industries and attempted to develop a parade against crematory fallout, later, with first the MERS research and then mRNA vaccines.

Daszak is directly involved in wind power :

“The answer to US Power Generation (issues) is Blowing in the Wind”

More wise words from Sen. Marshall :

Because the Holodomor secret was in custody of the Chinese government, so were EcoHealth Alliance’s research records ! EcoHealth Alliance was totally noncompliant because of the crematory subjects it dealt with through all of its activities.

The structure of this article shows that US involvement in China also changed the fate of wind power industries in China and allows implicitly to finger Donald Trump’s decisiveness, as he has taken Dr Fauci as medical reference during the pandemy, and the Chokine case shows his innovation, the invention of zyklon-chlorine.

Burisma means “bury the ma’s (mother’s) zyklon-B”, it’s a code like Chokine. What Donald Trump proposed to Volodymir Zelenskyi in September 2019, as my Porto Biomedical Journal letter was being accepted, relates in my view to open-air “choking” of demonstrators with a DU-chlorine mix, as is done in the first illustration of this sample on zyklon-C. For “Soylent-green” style management of the crowds. In fact while talking about food, the movie Soylent Green shows what’s clearly “plutonium” squares made with nitrogen as crematory fluid, they used some HEU to make it look square. Nitrogen is clearly the favourite, flagship crematory fluid of the Azov group, you can see it used in the Kyiev metro here, an NH3 explosion in the Pirot region of Serbia a few weeks after Kozloduy nuclear fallout on it was also clearly engineered by militants attempting to support Pirot separatism (the same way the Germanwings crash was engineered to support separatism of the Pays Niçois, bearing again the Azov militants’ signature). Yes I know that Pirot isn’t a Serbian name, it comes from Viking presence through the Mediterranean 1200 years ago, as for the Vikingar-origin names in the Haute-Provence and Alpes-Maritimes (Allos, Thorame, Var, Valberg, Thorenc, l’Audibergue… for Estenc see Estonia, the colours of the Estonian National Flag are visible in the mountains. The Gorges du Daluis below form the frame of the Latvian National Flag. Below Lithuania (around Enriez where tree colours form the colours of the Lithuanian National Flag), to the east the red rocks and limited green vegetation give you the flag of Belarus around Valberg, and more to the East the red lava, basalts in the middle and snow above, allow to recognize the Russian National Flag, above St-Sauveur sur Tinée… note also Saint-Lions where the tip of England would reach), but this way of achieving independence is disgusting.

Science is also publishing news of RNA therapy causing a clog (a brain clog) leading to buildup of fluid in the brain (hydrocephalus) and death of a baby. It’s a simple example of this kind of “therapy against crematory fallout” going wrong.

It’s quite clear that Ukraine has been the targeted choice of Dr Fauci for the refill of the new crematory cans of wind power in the projects elaborated certainly by Peter Daszak under Chinese communist influence. As Daszak was under CCP pressure (this appeared in one video of his WHO-linked inspection, he was secluded and somehow pressured) he birthed a project matching the story of the USSR, to try again the 24 MW project that was ditched in the Ukrainian SSR after 3 to 5 million victims proven to be just enough for 3 to 5 MW. There are clear elements showing the hidden project :

There is by the way a proof that the Soviet Union used crematory energy in submarines to break the ice, causing subsequent issues as they could hardly power the leaving of the iceshelf. Many Soviet submarines were identified that way, their hull stuck in the ice with sailors randomly walking on it and on the ice waiting. Decisiontaking officers certainly were frequently throwing in their crematory oven, at the bottom right very near the front of the sub with refractory bricks above, soldiers working in the nuclear reactor area… perhaps with a slush-opening more to the left under for rapid propulsion with the heated crematory fluid, causing the particularly strong subsequent submarine weight loss that made getting back under the water much harder although simple nuclear heat-up is enough to cause issues. From an article in The Drive :

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