Windfa(r)mine : The Ukrainian Holodomor was premeditated for wind turbine power by Sergo Ordzhonikidze, Yuri Kondratyuk and Nikita Khrushchev

I have shown why Nikita Khrushchev is the first responsible of the Holodomor in an earlier article. The parallelism with Soviet research shows another flabbergasting series of facts. Inventor Anatoly Ufimtsev managed to set up a wind turbine for the first time in 1930 together with Vladimir Vetchinkin, in Kursk. To save energy during calm days the turbin “used a 328 kg flywheel in a vacuum chamber“. It is crystal clear that this energy saving system inspired the Holodomor, as it was thought that vacuum in Ukraine was needed, so the population was adapted to the energy source. The question of whether all the corpses of the victims of the Holodomor were retrieved or whether a number was used in crematory systems for wind generation through antigravitons (if the 328 kg flywheel in a vacuum chamber is in fact a crematory reactor powered with u238…) remains to be settled, and you’ll get the answer if you read this article to the end. It’s important to underline that nuclear fission was understood since the early 1920s and that the 1929 economic crisis was already related to speculation on ability to retrieve on bodies non-fissioned U235 after a battle, and too optimistic calculations collapsing. By 1931 the first crematory systems for U238 to Pu239 conversion had already been invented, this is a certainty. Besides, clean nuclear technology was also advancing, with for instance in the USSR the Kalinin K7 plane.

The Balaclava wind turbine (balaclava also means hood…) also built in 1931 is the first main element supportive of the argument of this article. It was tremendously huge, a record for these times.

These elements lead to the 1932-1933 Holodomor, as another much bigger wind farm project was being devised : Kondratyuk proposed a 24 MW wind farm project on the Bedene-Kir plateau, with reinforced concrete masts, four kilometers north of the Ai-Petri peak, in the framework of a competition launched by People’s Commissar to Heavy Industries Grigory (Sergo) Ordzhonikidze. Kondratyuk proposed his project in November 1932, and Ordzhonikidze took its construction under personal control. It eventually collapsed just after Ordzhonikidze’s death, in February 1937. In May the program was declared defective and in 1938 totally abandoned. For that paragraph the source is Ye Yu Lukyanova et al 2020 IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci. 459 062056.

So, while it is clear Nikita Khruschchev had the first role in getting people to perish, the true responsible is clearly to be found in that huge 24 MW wind farm project. Calculations related to vacuum need and simple population adjustment, or more direct rear experimentations of crematory reactors at a large scale ? Study of the archaeology through a paper published in 2000 by L.V. Subbotin shows the existence of a “mnogovalikovoï ceramics culture” with a major “finding” in 1931 as well, between Kremenchuk and the Pivdennyi Bug. More findings in 1962, corresponding to the strategic revisionnism of Nikita Khrushchev discussed in the earlier article.

This article (Л. В. Субботин (Одесса, Украина). СевероЗападное Причерноморье в эпоху ранней и средней бронзы, Stratum Plus. 2000. № 2. available through here and here) is extremely telling because the name of the culture allows to retrieve a practice of “mugging negating the fire” (with a clear understanding that crematory reactors emit very few heat, and are made through the mugging of targets) and of “wind and vacuum (mixed, into ceramics)” (вакуум, ветер). It’s clear the 1931 “discovery” was a strategical finding manufactured to conceal, in case the crematory burial sites were discovered, the Holodomor. Khrushchev ordered some more to be done in the early 1960s to better conceal his crimes.

Let’s take a look at burial data from the adjacent “Catacomb Culture” with archaeological findings starting from 1983 and then more actively from 1989, also described by Subbotin. There is a clear array of elements to argue that it is Holodomor burials with a neutron source near each corpse to foster slow plutogenization underground. The torsion of the corpses is another indicator.

It’s even more shocking to read the beginning of the article by L.V. Subbotin because he clearly indicates in all letters that it was primitive crematory ovens. “Древнейшая история Северо-Западного Причерноморья представляет собой удивительное переплетение судеб и культур многочисленных народов.” The word ударов is nowadays used to describe crematory ovens intended to make weapons, the у at the beginning signifying uran / nuclear. Subbotin talks of people (narod) ovens. It’s even directly possible to retrieve a “flywheel” concept together with the most important keywords, поэтому ведущими, which indicates that for humannuclear (crematory nuclear) depleted uranium showers were used. L.V. Subbotin is clearly understanding that the archaeological findings are much more recent than usually said and linking that to crematory plutonium, with the codeword Puc near the findings.

It’s even recognized in the article that attribution of monuments to the Yamna culture is “the budushego’s business” which means business of the showerers with DU, of the users of DU weapons, in modern Russian. L.V. Subbotin understood perfectly that he was faced with a false archeological heritage linked to crematory plutonium. He concludes with a hidden implicit reference to retchlags, slips “Монтеору” within and argues of the Yamna, Catacomb and Mnogovalikovoï as “sabbatical culture”, indication that the Yamna culture is a holidays (fun) subject and that the truth is much gloomier.

Nikita Khrushchev’s terrorist revisionism is even confirmed by looking more closely at the “Монтеору” culture. Mon theory, in mixed French-English, my théorie… it’s clear that in that period of mass retchlags, scientists with lone theories, not working with the Party, had to be terrorized and that these archaeological findings were set up wholly for that process.

Applying the reverse-reading rule also allows to show easily this was elaborated for concealing DU showering for Pu through crematory practices.

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