A reminder: Zyklon B meant less powerful bombs

The observation of the Kursk Battle allows to confirm the initial statement, which is that by using human bodies as neutron moderator to plutogenize, you get less powerful bombs.

Indeed: the Nazi bombs during that battle achieved significantly lower temperatures. Even though the initial explosivity is quite good, there is no real fireball. The bombs create an area destruction. The clouds are semi heavy, consequence of the large amount of unplutogenized u238 in them. Soviet bombs (clean – there are some uranium gulags but no crematory ovens or similar things on the Soviet side then, as what RBMKs in particular will serve for later) create an ignition that is more powerful, burning intensely the dust, so the cloud rises very rapidly. Of course very white clouds. I’m not really showing Soviet bombs here. Just the aftereffect on a tank burning inside. The movie also shows that one zyklon B bomb hit one Soviet tank without damaging it…

One of the most impressive zyklon B bombs (or maybe two in a row ?)
It’s quite explosive, but there’s no fireball hereafter
More zyklon B bombs with source
Actually powerful (Soviet) bomb, at a distance the Nazi is shocked by the shockwave
Nazi tank burning inside from the effect of Soviet bombs

Besides, let’s talk Soviet bombs post WW2 : with the later discovery by Soviets of Birkenau and their replication in retchlags a Soviet innovation was the cutting of the flesh around the bones… so it made for slightly more efficient bombs in comparison with Birkenau. The result is more redbrownish, since bones are out.

See the images recently released by Rosatom, that’s a good example

Not to mention that it appears that the Tsar Bomba was primitively filled with flesh plutogenized but still keeping the legs’ shapes and with the shockwaves the shapes of the legs resurface on the cloud around the epicenter (right of the image especially). And other body parts too. I wondered by the way if that particular bomb served for eliminating Tsar dynasty survivors not caught in the early days of the Soviet putsch/revolution…

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