Material epidemiological data from the two nuclear fires in Germany

So, I estimate the Karlsruhe blast to INES 5,1 and the Leverkusen to INES 5,6 (not INES 6, but below). (earlier article for explanations)

Factually the Leverkusen plant could have been recycling DU, from areas where it’s being retrieved with magnets.

Besides that here’s the collected epidemiology, moderate, so this explains my classification :

Thyroid cancer

Bone cancer also shows some results :

So it’s moderate, I repeat, it explains my ranking. You could poetically call it a “darker autumn in spring and summer” because there is always a natural increase of cancers in the Autumn from atmosphere coldening and redescent of alpha emitting nanoparticulates (from typically coal ashes in Germany). See above the rise in September 2020. Possibly all these people will be cured and there will be no death. Can’t rate it INES 6.

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