Steps for really getting rid of homosexuality (yes, this can happen !)

It is possible to get rid of homosexuality without violence and in a short time. The essential point is that the clitoris’ ability to penetrate the anus and provide prostatic orgasm has to be explained duly.

It’s an essential point. This co-orgasm of the man & woman in which both penetrate simultaneously is the most powerful thing nature can provide. Homosexuality exists as a reminder that current heterosexuality is dull because it’s patriarcal. The penis penetrates. The clitoris may even be wholly forgotten. So gays show with their happiness the prostatic power and lesbians remind of the clitoris.

This step of history will be overcome the day the mutual penetration clitoris-anus penis-vagina will be really understood and taught. Human history will have advanced. But there’s another background element to understand beforehand. Read on.

Transsexuality is dealt with in an article I published in the IRJPH and that matters also for homosexuality as the argument of hormone loss from internal contamination with alpha emitting nanoparticulates (used in it, with e.g. testosterone loss in men suffering from internal contamination) is of course a major psychological background driver for homosexuality as well. People who suffer hormone loss are likely to not have a fully working libido and this will be crucial in their decision to not go into heterosexuality but instead embody this societal role aimed at underlining to others through their different practices the deficits of current heterosexuality. It’s also possible to posit that alpha decays can impact the sexual chromosomes, where their hits could damage central functions linked to heterosexuality (at least for women triggering adoption of the Barr form for self-protection, I had a non-paper on that, X-inactivation, but certainly also works in men). So, it’s obvious that reduction of sources of contamination will also foster reduction of damage and improvement of levels of heterosexuality, for which our bodies are made. But this has to come in togetherness with the teaching of the clitoris-anus & penis-vagina double penetration.

With this, there is a sense for limited policies of “taunting back” which would nevertheless have to be limited in scale and fully associated with all the above, only. I think that in the absolute, the Hungarian government’s taking out of LGBT material in schoolbooks makes some sense but I also hope that these future books will not depict men and women as unequal. And I am not sure that anything above that is meaningful. I am for instance strongly opposed to Poland’s “LGBT-free zones”, especially as the sexuality with mutual clitoris-anus penis-vagina penetration might be dubbed as “bisexual” for obvious reasons.

My goodness, I’m so bad as an artist but the penis in blue, prostate in red-brown, clitoris in pink…
“Almost like that” but the man’s pelvis will rise at the same time to be penetrated, this man doesn’t know and is the object of a practical joke

So in the future homosexuals will be called pilgrims of the clitoris. That’s how they will be remembered. It’s important. Simply a step in history.

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