Zyklon-C, the DPRK and the Orange Revolution in Ukraine

There are clear facts linking the Orange Revolution in Ukraine to the Juche ideology of the DPRK. Ukrainian ultranationalism takes its inspiration in the Juche concept that merges the far left and the far right into a single red-brown movement. It’s obvious through many channels. I had already underlined inspiration in this blog post. The crematory plutogenization and its continuation through several steps associated to permanent revolution. The Azov group that certainly uses N (nitrogen) for crematory plutogenization is a subset of the more general tendency. Flames were heralded during Ukrainian neonationalist marches with Stephan Bandera’s portrait upon red and black. A red flame is the main monumental symbol of the Juche. See also my earlier argument on the DPRK and crematory systems with torches there. It’s related because it’s the same system. A crematory tower prototype was on the main Maidan square in 2014. They cremated people in, the brown-black fumes evidence that.

The DPRK tested many missiles during a period of intense activity that matches the period during which Ukraine received DU ATGMs and testfired them. The most important missile test perhaps was done with a new model with four lateral plutonium rods pressed by the air atop it, the plutonium made in a small pool-style reactor with a pack of corpses, or perhaps beheaded heads and DU rods around it through the structure of the core. It was dubbed hypersonic and flies with an orange flame. Another such orange flame missile from the DPRK can be retrieved by looking for its missile tests in 2013.

So the Orange Revolution has the signification of the missile’s revolution around the Earth in that case and it is clear it was a moment of inspiration for the militants.

The Deutsche Welle represented in orange its chronology of North Korean missile launches because it’s apparently even the dominant colour in North Korean missile launches !

I have shown how gas chambers are key in crowd control in the Zelensky regime. Typically in systems above buildings (juché as well). See for instance there. Crematory ovens being largely the system in Ukraine for warhead making except for a few exceptions. The DPRK is known for its gas chambers in gulags, including police operations of terror with public gas chambering, exactly what has been shown also in Ukraine.

A case emerged today in Dniepropetrovsk with a gas chamber with tube injection of DU within a civilian building area. Cars waiting outside for the crematory material they use for propulsion. It’s likely the gas chambering was done in public as well.

The explosion at the rear of the car shows destruction at the point where the crematory motor is.
More visibility of the tubes, partly destroyed by shuriken spin from within after the blast of a Russian strike

There is more to the file. There was a crematory tokamak set up by mockers of Xi Jinping’s death and rest in a can and French social services jealous of my application to a replutogenization post-doc (“particle accelerators and environmental sustainability”) in Oxford near my home, a few weeks ago. I tried to warn the justice in Nice and Nîmes. The Nîmes office did not receive emails.

You’ll learn in the news that a bus took fire in Nîmes yesterday and it’s clearly a zyklon-C propulsion that took fire. The bus advanced fast while on fire, like a torch, confirming the zyklon-C propulsion along with the substance of the plume.

In Barcelona in Spain is based a DPRK agent named Alejandro Cao de Benós de Les y Pérez. Made famous perhaps by a Vice article on his life and militancy, there is more to the fact and he’s under sanctions by the US Department of Justice. I remembered the Vice article when near Nîmes in 2019 I saw a weird looking spy with slanting eyes in an old Mercedes, looking at me strangely while I was getting fuel in a Super U fuel station, suspecting me of getting uranium in my gas tank to kill people I think. George Frêche’s mayorship of Montpellier has clearly been a pivot moment there, with his statues of Lenin and Mao. It allowed the implantation of the clandestine network of the DPRK. The final explosion of a zyklon-C bus in Nîmes materializes that. While I may somehow be blamed because of my silence on the extent of DU fallout from the Sauclières tunnel, that I knew reached slightly to the buildings of collective housing of the west of Nîmes, it remains that I chose not to involve lower layers of the population with a rioting temperament and Islam certainly in the core of their preoccupations because the level of fallout wasn’t acute there and the municipality obviously did more to get these bodies to cremate in chlorine for the bus propulsion. The “Tango” (name of the bus network) rhythm inspiring certainly in particular the use of zyklon-C as there is a hit for pressure plutogenization, a bounce from chlorine and a boom from fission that typically follow in very repeated patterns like tango.

While the red flame of the Juche clearly resembles the RFERL logo as well, this other element has to be pointed :

And another zyklon-C energy system also unveiled in Kyiev by a Russian strike today :

The Ukrainian company ДТЭК sounds like DPRK for a simple reason…

While Alejandro Cao de Benós de Les y Pérez certainly feels linked to me by his birthday, the same as mine, and by the end of his family name, it’s clear that Volodymir Zelenskyi took inspiration from a teeshirt I wore in public in Brittany more than a year ago. Living near a Catholic church I compensated by wearing this teeshirt with many Buddhist symbols and a David Star on my back. It’s fielded on green…

The photograph sent to Volodymir Zelenskyi (certainly by a spy paid by Alejandro Cao de Benós…) might have mirrored the swastikas into nazi hooked crosses. The rest certainly assimilated to uranium corridor mines by Zelenskyi, son of Soviet scientists who benefitted of the system for their activities. With the map that may be assimilated to Ukraine… the Buddha face similar to Zelenskyi’s… I have shown how uranium mine systems are widely used in Ukraine. Cf. again my “green like mixing yellow and blue” article where I first suggested DPRK inspiration of the Zelenskyi regime.

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