“Green like mixing yellow and blue” – more bloody news from Ukrainian reactors

I have shown how Shturm SM tanks (crematory oven tanks of a new generation) tend to be placed atop buildings by the Ukrainian regime, to directly be able to target insurgents / enemy forces with rockets made from the flesh of other insurgents / enemy forces. In this case open that link and scroll down a bit.

And you know what ? It happened again in Kharkiv a few days ago ! :

So this is the crucial moment of the explosion in which the blood and flesh in the core is most visible. Then it goes black. Source is Aleph @no_itsmyturn.

Juche style – juché atop a tower like the North Korean monument like in the earlier case. Also, a bit later I got that tremendous blood & flesh explosion….

I think it is another Shturm-SM explosion from very close but it might be a whole retchtrain wagon “failing” i.e having a plutogenization accident while handling bodies – nuclear, but unclear how many victims, retchtrains have a larger capacity.

There also is an independent confirmation that four tiny gas chamber rooms in SBU offices and two larger bunker gas chambers were found in Lviv. I can’t tell you my source.

I would like to come back to my exchange with the State Department / Ukrainian military and their demand that a nationalism test be passed while proposing an “Ykroboronprom” channel for pseudo dismantling. Early January I had proposed to involve myself in plutogenization works in Ukraine… hoping to channel the DU from all the ATGMs in civilian electricity.

I received this response from an Ukrainian general willing to “vinnitsya-ise the DNR camels” (see the 2017 Kalinovka explosion for Vinnitsya, large explosion indeed without DU)…

So an hope to use hard drugs to plutogenize faster. That was their plan. (Hard drugs are indeed excellent at plutogenization)

So you see the written letter is dated 15/01/2022.

Here is the “nationalism test” I received a few days “later” (in fact earlier, as I received the letter later, through an intermediary) :

19-Jan-2022 Dear Mr. Pirot: Manuscript ID JRSM-21-0438 entitled “How can we address the ever-pressing need to “green up” surgical practice in the NHS?” with Dr Anastasopoulos as contact author has been submitted to the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. I wonder if you might review this paper for the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine? I hope you will be interested to read it. The JRSM has an open peer review process and your identity will be revealed to the author(s) of the paper. In addition, we also name peer reviewers with published papers. Your agreement to this review will be taken as permission to publish your name with the published paper. The JRSM does not pay reviewers directly but there are two potential benefits to you: 1. You will be able to join the RSM with a discount  (we will waive the one-off joining fee and provide £50 off your membership subscription).  The RSM provides many valuable benefits including high quality but affordable accommodation just off Oxford Street, London, an excellent restaurant and café , and it has probably the finest postgraduate medical library in Europe which is open 24 hours a day.  RSM membership also provides free online access to the JRSM and other extensive online resources. or If you are already a member of the RSM, we can provide you with a £50 discount at your next renewal 2. Our publisher SAGE offers you free access to all SAGE journals for 60 days upon receipt of your completed review and a 25% book discount on all SAGE books ordered online. We will send you details of how to register for online access and order books at discount as soon as you have submitted your review. The abstract appears at the end of this letter, along with the names of the authors.  Please let me know via the links below as soon as possible if you will be able to accept my invitation to review.  If you are unable to review at this time, I would appreciate you recommending another expert reviewer. Once you accept my invitation to review this manuscript, you will be notified via e-mail about how to access Manuscript Central, our online manuscript submission and review system.  You will then have access to the manuscript and reviewer instructions in your Reviewer Center. We are collaborating with Publons to give you the recognition you deserve for your peer review contributions. On Publons you can effortlessly track, verify and showcase your review work and expertise without compromising anonymity. Sign up (https://publons.com/home/) now for free so when you complete any reviews they can be instantly added to your profile. I would be grateful if you could respond to this invitation within 2 weeks, so that we are able to expedite the processing of the manuscript as much as possible. The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine is committed to ensuring that the peer-review process is as robust and ethical as possible. The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines regarding peer review can be found at the following link. Please read the guidelines before accepting or declining my invitation. http://publicationethics.org/files/Ethical_guidelines_for_peer_reviewers_0.pdf. I realise that our expert reviewers greatly contribute to the high standards of the Journal, and I thank you for considering this request. Best wishes. Yours sincerely, Kamran Abbasi Editor, JRSM Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Editorial Office kabbasijrsm@gmail.com *** PLEASE NOTE: This is a two-step process. After clicking on the link, you will be directed to a webpage to confirm. *** Agreed: https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jrsm?URL_MASK=90021afec1f743699ba4763cb65add58 Declined: https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jrsm?URL_MASK=baffc25b9b2e4b3c84af158a95eb155f Unavailable: https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jrsm?URL_MASK=e1d5d0b9f0f442bdbf61eb940fe9e092 MANUSCRIPT DETAILS TITLE: How can we address the ever-pressing need to “green up” surgical practice in the NHS? AUTHORS: Anastasopoulos, Nikolaos-Andreas; Papalois, Vassilios ABSTRACT: Clinical practice has inadvertently changed after the COVID-19 pandemic and currently the need to provide sustainable surgical services is more pressing than ever. The NHS has committed to a long-term efficient plan to reduce carbon footprint production but there is no detailed plan for surgical practice, then domain that contributes the most to hospital derived pollution. A series of consecutive steps and measures ought to be taken, starting from a hybrid approach quantifying surgically attributed carbon footprint. Then a variety of suggested measures can be widely discussed and accordingly applied on a wider or more local level. Appropriate training should always precede new practices to ensure that staff is familiar with these. These measures cover a wide range and should be arranged on a patient-centred basis from preoperative preconditioning to an effective follow-up. The need for more intense research and implementation of enhanced recovery protocols is widely discussed. Also, the necessity of green research and reinvestment of materials and resources is highlighted. A change of philosophy from a cradle to grave approach to a repurposing approach is suggested. We are confident that a new era is dawning in surgical practice and teamwork is the key for providing greener surgical services.

So this invitation to “green up the hospital” was obviously intended at getting me to propose the Triga subcritical… as peer review comments are public in this system – a very general question for all hospitals… With the “green” anthem and the Muslim creed obvious with Mr Abbasi it was obviously a nazislamist plot. To get ME to caution a new Aktion T4 under the green colour that is also the colour of Islam ! Indeed Ukrainian regime forces do it as I have shown.

So I of course rejected bluntly the paper for not having taken at all into account the fact that CO2 emissions are unrelated to climate change (cf. my Int J of Phys 7-4-3) and actually provide trees the feed for dioxygen making through photosynthesis.

The direct synchronization between the Royal Society’s Muslim head editor, the Ukrainian general and the US State Department is chilling (except if you’re nazislamist, then you’re excellently represented).

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