Another Triga subcritical explosion in an Ukrainian hospital blamed on a Russian strike, and other news from Ukraine (updated)

A Triga subcritical had been set up in a Sieverodonetsk hospital by the Ukrainian regime, and its explosion has been blamed as a Russian strike. The pattern of the explosion shows a low level of plutogenization but a criticitiy achieved on a a side of the core, because of the use of zyklonized human mash (victims of a gas chamber) causing bouncing of the neutrons back to the direction of entry in the core frequently, accumulation of Pu239 on that area and eventual supercriticity, certainly simply with the latency of decay from U239 to Pu239.

The pattern of the water channel exploding as well on the left of the core is very clear, as is the explosion from the inside rising up.

Besides that, here is a recent strike of the Azov group with zyklon B shells (from their crematory ovens) :

The group uses among other things a BTR made specially to be driven by children soldiers, that are tasked it seems with the hunting of other children in the street. The above pictures show small children that were obviously cremated in the Mariupol theater crematory plant. Here is the BTR 4E :

Teenagers at most can drive in the small lodge above the large mouth. Behind under the grids seems to sit the uranium shower area (for children absorbed by the mouth of the “crocodile”), and at the rear the nuclear core for plutogenization which here was accidented or deliberately exploded, I do not know. Azov’s children soldiers :

On the same day I had sent to the College of Europe’s internal alumni mailing list a collective email mocking 14th of July fireworks by showing how antitank weapons are nuclear (distinguishing clean vs. DU warheads – since the French Republic was still with DU weapons) and I think my mockery of the 14th of July (we have lots of Ukrainian alumni…) got into Azov, motivating these young militia members. I can’t underline enough how I am shocked by how much in my young years I was similar to the child soldier shouting, on the left.

More DU-zyklon strikes of the Ukrainian army. Not even a nuclear criticity at impact, as noted by the commentator.

This video shows as well a sadistic behaviour in the Ukrainian army. Machiavelian laugh, weird rap music, a very DU-rich strike in the middle of houses, it’s said it’s a Russian “BTR 80” but the only source of blood on the strike is on the side of the pilot, the rear of the tank was just full of magnet harvested depleted uranium which the Ukrainian strike re-spreads onto the surrounding houses. Zoom :

Another interesting case :

If these were Soviet retchlags (corridor uranium mine extermination camps) why would the Russian troops have decided to get in ? However the Ukrainian side is here caught attempting to fire DU at it.

Brimstone missiles have started to be used by the Ukrainian military and they show their depleted uranium load (curiously in a shaped charge) :

Oh yeah “Ukrainian agriculture in peril”…

DU-Zyklon strikes

There is much more on my other recent article. In more optimistic news another excellent quality railgun strike… that belongs clearly to the Ascalon railgun and its Pu shells brought by France. One Ascalon was used to make a demonstration on a Voronezh public bus several months ago so it could be brought in easily. If you look carefully you’ll see it’s a strike causing simply no fumes at all !

(Some US-made M777 howitzers provided to Ukraine seem also to benefit from a small railgun “patch” that makes them more efficient than normal M777s in particular with plutogenized shells but, above, that is clearly the Ascalon with a Pu239 shell striking)

Here seen with an area-of-effect Pu warhead, Pu is in the small dots in the circle… there is another shell pattern where the Pu is in a tulip shape in the iron rod, which I think I proposed first to the French Commissariat à l’énergie atomique, and which was used in the strike above.

A comparison with Russian ammo :

It’s not as plutogenized as the Ascalon Pu gun but MUCH cleaner than any Ukrainian weapon. The Ukrainian T64 BV is among the tanks with a crematory oven core – human ash laid on the soil after its destruction.

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