More dirty tricks of the Ukrainian neonazis to pose as victims

It is confirmed that the Azov Battalions in Azovstal used the civilians sheltered within as raw matter for plutonium. One room at least with civilians in, locked totally except for small vents through which grenades were sent. The grenades with depleted uranium are a particular but patented war material which was obviously used.

It’s a fact that some research laboratories with US funding were set within the Azovstal plant, especially the PIT404 facility. The people in were “404’ed”. The ashes obviously harvested for some plutonium.

It’s also important to underline that Ukrainian neonazis have taken shelter several times in civilian schools. Here are two :

The next time you read about “a school shelled by Russian forces”…

👨‍🦱: “OMG lol Russian crematory oven tank”

The truth : it’s the shell of a 152mm Czech (Eastern Block, 1972-1989) crematory oven artillery shell :

If the size and openings on the side of the basis of the cannon wasn’t enough, look at the black dust near its mouth…

Chinazis :

Ukraine, the famous anticommunist country also willing to partner with the country of Mao Zedong…

However I would like again to show that not all cases are black and white. This young woman brandished a Nazi flag… in reverse (in swastika direction, not in hooked cross direction), it’s clearly the erect clitoris being confused with it. Not antisemitism.

See also the way she bears her hands between her legs in the top picture.

Altogether with the clear fact that Adolf Hitler sucked erect clitorises (which some people saw but turned into “he’s getting pooped upon”). Actually the @ch3f18 account on Instagram that was obviously his own (before he was terminated by a wave of water at 131 y old in Edenville, MI) liked one of my Instagram posts, the one where I show an erect clitoris ! (That private account had 13 subscriptions and 76 authorized subscribers, going to 14 88…)

Peace on the women who just want to have their clitoris sucked.

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