The clitoris is for anal penetration of the man and the “hymen” should not be broken – le clitoris sert à la pénétration anale de l’homme et l'”hymen” n’est pas fait pour être détruit. Vive les hyènes ! Bravo the spotted hyenas !

Here’s the only valid picture of an human clitoris in its erect form, ever (as of now). It is as long a an erect penis and as he rises he takes with him the hymen – opening the ACTUAL way to the vagina. The hymen is not made to be broken, the body is not made to spill blood, the body is not made to be destroyed – even in the slightest form.

Ci dessus lien vers une photo de clitoris humain bandé – la seule vraie photo valable pour un clitoris réellement bandé. Lorsqu’il gonfle il emporte avec lui l’hymen – ouvrant la vraie voie vers le vagin. L’hymen n’est pas fait pour être détruit, le corps n’est pas fait pour verser du sang, il n’est pas fait pour être détruit, même de la façon la plus minime.

Sexual repression is rife EVERYWHERE AROUND THE GLOBE and women are compulsively constrained to “keep it down” – through a cultural imagery and a permanent ostracism of the erect clitoris, not to mention actual violence in Africa and the Middle East (excision, infibulation) – which can be as long as the male penis. It is simply an organ coming from around the vagina, where it is separated except for the head ; the two parts get together and take with them the hymen as the clitoris comes down, full of blood, ready to penetrate and stimulate the prostate of the man. The erect clitoris is exactly as turgid and as long as the erect penis… it comes down with its “arrow-shaped head” because it is made for anal penetration – while the woman is getting penetrated from her back she penetrates the man’s anus.

Hyenas do it in public…


I discuss sexual repression more in detail in this unfinished draft on the sexual repression, ideologies (socialism in general and all the forms of communitarianism and statism) and the refusal of science nowadays.

Trying to suggest it – but fear is HUGE.  Thousands of years of sexual repression of women. Thousands.

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