The secret nuclear reactor of the Louis St Laurent icebreaker

I just saw a documentary on a Canadian icebreaker. The way the documentary is done suggests transparency but obviates the truth (typical disinformation). The main indication is the direct intake of seawater to cool down the “electrogenerators” – with a lot of pipes and the evacuation of hot water.

There is military personel from the Canadian Navy onboard and their behaviour suggests they are here to monitor the reactor – the documentary shows a trainee from the Navy very enthusiastic about the power of the machine. She behaves in the typical way of the recruit happy to drive with the power of the atom – a “very safe water cooled reactor” that makes her confident – and who nevertheless must not tell everything to the journalists. The equipage demonstrates its high confidence in the power of the icebreaker throughout the documentary… I’m unsure they all know the truth – perhaps they don’t. Nonetheless their confidence is an indication.

The documentary describes the electrogenerators as “additional power supply”, they are activated quickly to full power without vibrations. This should leave no doubt – it’s the atom. You can just push a button and start the reactor, it pump up a lot of water and the pressurisation of the reactor is rapid. The electrogenerators “can power a small city” according to the journalist !

white button louis st laurent
That white button : you can see the Nuclear symbol – you just press it to activate the pump and pressurize – the reactor has a single level of electricity production – they certainly just see it as a “booster” ! (psychologically)  

Kind reminder that all nuclear reactors in a wide area can be detonated by a supernova ! (article, cf also “earthquake lights” and more, MUCH more:

– yttriate crystals in tungsten

– holes in a lot of heavy nonferrous metals from iridium to platinum, lead, gold and osmium (no remains of fission products but there’s no doubt)

– the black hole of the Pleiads – their ovoid form proves they are gravitating at high speeds around a spinning black hole – remains of a black hole eruption

Look below the Pleiades in the Taurus – there is a group of stars close to Earth (~60 light years) that received neutrons and matter remaining from the eruption – forms that shape (a human body).