The Tungutska event explained and how today nuclear reactors and other intense sources of heat would be the prime target

I’ve explained in my article how black holes give birth to giant atoms and supercriticities with very slow neutrons trigger black hole eruptions – from which get out the stars, planets, but also much smaller pieces of matter, which are to become shooting stars. Here is an example : Ultima Thule. The black hole of the Pleiads provides an example recorded in human memory as a crown of stars (Catholic images of the virgin Mary, and “woman in the sky” in the Apocalypse, both from the stars close to us in the Taurus heated up by the matter erupted from the Pleiads). It’s simply obvious that extreme events of this kind (look up the “Tungutska event”…) can wipe out suddenly and unexpectedly whole countries.


Ultima Thule shows an atom undergoing fission from a very slow neutron – the asymmetry of fission products is the indication. It is simply a huge, huge atom from a black hole eruption – these huge atoms are obvious in a black hole – that caught a neutron but did not totally fission because the super heavy atom has “dissolved” into a LOT of smaller atoms before the end of the fission ! Why ? Because the violent energy of the eruption expelled the atom out of the gravity range of the black hole and it so started to inflate to normal volumetric sizes (i.e. what were particles of the huge atom immediately converge into atoms, as the local atomic forces can enter in action) killing the fission process – it is a “frozen picture” of what happens in the black hole.  Such objects are obviously very numerous in space (this shape is visible in comets) and these pieces of matter are sprouted at very high velocities in each black hole eruption. Black hole eruptions sprout in general a lot of fast-moving objects and are the obvious source of “asteroids”.

So let’s now look back at Sodom and Gomorrah : we have two big cities of the Ancient Testament (Catal Hoyuk provides the example of a city of thousands of inhabitants…) destroyed by a “rain of fire and brimstone”. Of course I discard all the romantic narrative around. What happens is described not as a single meteor but as a rain of fire. It’s obvious that these pieces of matter from a black hole already came on a territory inhabited by humans, in villages, on a local civilization. A small cluster of such “giant pieces” that cavitated to Earth, starting their flight with the kinetic energy of the black hole eruption (which I grandly estimate to ~60% of the speed of light at the beginning).

It’s obvious that the heaviest relatively stable elements (americium, plutonium, neptunium, uranium) will be the privileged form for a stable configuration of these compressed particles when they get out. An important point is that, since these “atoms” are formed back from the particles of a bigger atom that was stable only under the pressure forces of the black hole and dissolved itself after it escaped its pressure forces, there is no reason it follows the rules of the fine-structure constant (there certainly is as much U235 as U238 at their “birth”). It’s a nuclear disaster when these pieces fall on a place, each piece creates a nuclear explosion of some size (the objects are burning and there is obviously enough kinetic energy for supercriticity at impact with the combination of the high velocity and agitation of the atoms in each molten fireball of heavy actinids ; the alpha shots of the actinids, at impact on ground with the light elements around mean neutron trigger) ; in the case described in the Ancient Testament the cities were destroyed and Lot’s wife got deadly third-degree instant burns… that became “changed into a statue of salt” for the narrators that never had seen such a phenomenon.

So let’s sum up : the typical cliché of the geo-cruising asteroid is not the only problem from space ; in addition to relativistic neutrons from supernovas, these flying blocks of actinids from black hole eruptions can come at extreme speeds. The geo-cruising asteroid would fall down slowly, it can be simply avoided (with a nuclear bomb for instance) but you won’t shot down these. It can be simply assumed that the first homophobe that was lucky to be out of the cities when these things came down from space decided to seize the opportunity to gain influence while writing and present his former friends as deeply depraved people that “HAD” to be destroyed. It’s a simple rule of humanity, bisexuality is natural in 100% but massively repressed and the first act of the repressed is to present the alter ego as “the gay scapegoat” whenever they can to form a group based on pure scapegoating and not natural love… These superfast projectiles can travel faster than light from the newly born stars of the black hole eruption if light is refracted by thick clouds, which are numerous (“black matter” is this). A small black hole close to the Cloud of Oort could be a very very likely origin for the event of the Bible. The Pleiads for instance… the Cloud of Oort is a moving cloud and the light of the beginning of the life of stars might not be seen because of it – the macronuclear projectiles however come and can be expected to come into the atmosphere at speeds really unseen in recent times. There is no reason for any loss of speed from the time of the shooting by the black hole to the time of the coming onto the atmosphere (just look at the speed of the fastest bolides in the night – look at the event in Chelyabinsk in 2013, and simply imagine a rain of pellets like this in a very big area – that  fission at impact on ground).

Solar neutrons are the obvious trigger here
I’ve been actually extremely lucky to post that article just the day of an identical event : this one on 09 Jan 2018 that actually aimed at the Brunswick nuclear reactor :

fireball brunswick
The last testimony on the path of the flying object is SOUTH of the burning Brunswick reactor
macronuclear projectile.png
The perfect split to two smaller fragments is the scientific proof that these flying objects are from sprouted atoms of black hole eruptions. Blue flame= extremely high temperatures. The perfect split relates to the form of the frozen atom and explains why in the Bible we have TWO cities destroyed.
A cloud of about 10 microSieverts / hour was formed and moved to the west against the observed winds of that day.  I think that the projectile disintegrated above the burning reactor and that the kinetic energy from that fire directed the plume of radioelements of that big macroprojectile to the west : a “ricochet effect” in which the energy of the burning core is a demultiplicator – so that the hot cloud will not be affected by the slow moving winds blowing the other way, from the Appalachians, and because of conservation of energy of the projectile, the resulting cloud evolves to the south-west…


The cloud of smoke is visible from Chattanooga to Atlanta / Johns Creek.


It froze at 1103 CPM until 4 AM local time the next day (with winds moving slowly).

These projectiles are extremely cold when they erupt from the black holes (this is an obvious theoretical basis of the black hole eruption) and are attracted, so, by hot areas. The Tcheliabinsk meteor aimed at Miass, city w/ a plant of fuel elimination for submarine launched ballistic missiles… Here the projectile aims at the direction of a nuclear plant…  These highly radiative objects are natural targets for cold flying objects (thermodynamics 101, as for hurricanes and nuclear reactors – depressions are homologous to these cold chunks of actinids – see Florence, initial trigger for the Brunswick NPP accident, the South China Chernobyl, Satsumasendai, Farley, Kori PWRs, more…).

It’s obvious that MUCH powerful objects of this kind can happen ; the Bible mentions destroyed cities and vitrificated people for a reason ; and this can happen whenever they are shot from black holes close to Earth. The Tungustka event is an extreme event that was of this nature. There were no intense sources of artificial heat then and the bolide targeted a geothermal area. No need for a nuclear reactor in the impact point to have a massive nuclear explosion if the bolide is heavy and fast – but they’ll technically always aim, today, at nuclear reactors and other powerful concentrated sources of radiative energy. Just imagine the Tungutska event on a cluster of nuclear reactors… imagine the power of the resulting nuclear explosion !

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