The Tunguska event explained and how today nuclear reactors and other high-mass areas would be the prime target of such nuclear bolides

Read my paper explaining the Tunguska event of 1908 and showing how high mass areas (nuclear reactors, big concentrations of oil rigs, castles, big pockets of magma in geothermal areas, etc) are the prime target of such bolides My paper

From here to understand please take care to read first the paper linked above.

For the epidemiology I have provided a study of the effects of the gas cloud of heavy alpha emitting nanoparticulates of the Jan 9th fireball : the death of a reality TV star from bone cancer right in the middle of my series destroys totally the results. Finding more detailed effects in an area affected massively by the Brunswick nuclear accident is difficult. Some effects emerge nevertheless very well.

leukemia texas updated GOOD

There is obviously a time of latency. The leukemia cancer is a cancer expected with very very thinly dissolved alpha emitting nanoparticles. The cloud traveled to the West. Natural effect of the rotation of the Earth.

In Georgia it’s also obvious… two peaks on 6-12th Jan and 20-26th Jan :

Screenshot from 2019-02-12 23-07-04.png