Lukashenko’s terrorism – cases of study (updated – why is it very particular…)

Update : Aleksandr Lukashenko explained that the entirety of his elimination activities target people that do not care about depleted uranium weapons. Belarus has a satellite and has made advances in laser technology, he used that to communicate with me directly, and told me that. There is also a gas chamber south of Minsk near a lake, 20 000 people would have been killed there since the mid 1990s, it’s entirely according to Aleksandr Lukashenko (who confirmed to me the number of 20 000, as well !) people that did not care about the effects of DU in Iraq and other countries of the Middle East and in former Yugoslavia. It’s somehow impossible to check but the number of the Belarus code article that relates to demonstration control, 23.34, is another indication that it is true… altogether with the honesty I could perceive in the heart of Aleksandr Lukashenko as he spoke to me through that way.


I have been surveying the Brest area with Google satellite data. It is blatant that the Lukashenko regime read my most recently peer reviewed article on crematory ovens and economic depression, stumbled on the “blood also but in a less acute way” and decided to bet a maximum on the idea a non-total negation means… something very efficient ? Or decided simply to “optimize what allows to keep on slaughtering civilians while making bombs” ? See below :

In this area a few tank units are killing people. This happens under a cloud because the people are filled up with radioactivity, alpha decay’s positiveness gathering the storm.
Zoom on a corridor retchlag, concentrated, lots of people forced to kneel to dig with their hands trenches, they are filled up with the natural radioactivity, aumented with Chernobyl fallout remains and with the war fallout. This also is related to the making of shapes in the soil for later disinformation, Mr Lukashenko being obviously very eager to make large dinosaur shapes to say “this is not a land for Jews”…
Bottom right, retchlag remains, top left, coffins lined up. A “shape” made in the middle from earlier “works”.
Large area of civilian slaughtering for feeding up blood reactors of tanks. In one area west of this screenshot, tanks are under green camo, imitating nature
Here Belarusian tanks under green camo. There is a few other military bases around.
Zoom on a coffin depository

Below, another terrible case, a very large nuclear complex combining a group of 4 small fast neutron research reactors (that were obviously initially planned for pork faeces but have certainly been now converted into units with blood as moderator) with a gas chamber and another large gas chamber – crematory oven complex. The whole is covered by the pretense that it is “a Vietnam war” and has been baptized Tets 5.

3 vertical building aligned on the left-center are clearly fast neutron reactors, perhaps the fourth above is subcritical. It’s in my opinion clear that the building on the very left out of the group is a gas chamber.
To the right, a veeeery large area of coffins buried under thick piles of sand. Chernobyl fallout use means that large amounts of sands are used to cover the coffins (it’s more radioactive than simply gassing with uranium).
I have left my cursor where the gas chamber of the western side complex is (it’s a very large one). The crematory oven, very large as well, is to its side, with a big chimney. Pads for missiles are being built nearby, human ashes being used also in the propulsion (with it seems the subcritical laser accelerator plutogenizing the ashes integrated to the pad of the basis of these missiles).

There is also, in addition to that retchlag in the interior, combined with the spilling of the alpha-emitters-rich blood of the victims of these on the soil for draining in these new degenerated experiments relying on a wicked interpretation of my latest paper, and to that laaarge biotechnology – crematory oven combinate, another gassing station where Chernobyl fallout is poured onto people, hidden as wood cutting mill. The wood cut is used to make coffins and the gassed people stored along. It’s located near the border with Latvia…

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