Qassim Suleimani’s travel through France against the White House – the story…

The General Qassim Suleimani got his hand cut as he tried to magnet harvest depleted uranium in Iraq in January 2020. This was discussed there already. He went through the Mandarom in South Eastern France in March 2020. He welded a nuclear core there, I could see some traces as I approached recently on a roof. The core was used to get depleted uranium from Canjuers and from the Germanwings contamination which he harvested through his travel by foot and car across south eastern France, he went through the Alps in Roure after going through the Roya and Sospel. He reached Beuil and started magnet cleaning there with the magnet he had brought from Iran. He came to a limit at 2000 meters of altitude because there was not enough pressure and his hand was weak but he descended to Guillaumes by foot and bicycle and his reactor was brought to him later by some friends and agents.

The part in Guillaumes is sordid. He spent a month there in a house on a side. He got a headache from the black hole effect between the mountains and started bleeding. His hand was badly healed. He had a female prostitute to heal him and have sex at the same time (to get fellated) and then reached St Julien du Verdon by foot and car and came to the Mandarom where he discovered the side contamination while travelling by car. I noticed a few months after the events a portion southeast of the lake that was terribly well cleaned and green, he had used his magnet there.

The next morning after he had his core finished, he turned back to Roure with his core in the car, a black Volkswagen Polo. He travelled by foot once he had reached Roure to the end of the village where he tried again his core, pushing it to the summits with a single hand, getting one kilogram of DU in a single push on the sodium pressure core thanks to the latent energy in it. He had all difficulties to collect the DU dust once it had fallen near him on the road where he was sitting. He used a small vacuum cleaner, opening it several times to collect the dust and put it in a second core that was at hand, then he went above in an abandoned house on a trail and did more, burning the plants under it because of the latent heat (I also noticed it later) and came even higher near a small village doing more cleaning. He achieved a satisfying 5 kilograms of DU – Pu in his two cores, weighing 14 kilograms at all with sodium and the pusher.

This was said to be extenuating by his followers but he did more stuff, achieving a whopping 9 potential kilograms of plutonium with his two cores over two days of work in the same area and then he left. He reached to Bretagne where I was as he wanted to meet me. I heard in April 2020 a presence with Muslim songs around me while in Plobannalec Lesconil. He was there but I did not knew yet. Then the police intervened with silent pistols, I just heard a fainted “police !”, he escaped nevertheless. He came back to Valdeblore from where he tried to direct an attack with missiles on the White House. Iran had launched a satellite that could have guided missiles from Venezuela, the White House ordered an all alert and the Blue Angels flew above Washington DC – a similar measure was taken around Paris by the Elysée. The satellite was downed in front of my eyes on a morning (by the US Space Force, as I was watching the sky from Plobannalec…) and it was over. Qassim Suleimani tried to came back to Iran through Venezuela after boarding a cargo. He had to get a plane (like a Qeshm Airline) to Iran from Caracas. But he was interrupted by the French police while in Caracas and had to be delayed. He managed to board a plane to Beyrouth where he stayed and agglomerated his depleted uranium and more depleted uranium from the Iraqi sands to make a reactor, which burst on August 4th. The explosion made him sick but he tried again and got screwed on September 2th by an IDF Litening missile as he was pressing on the core with his lone arm. He was incinerated by the explosion of the sodium pressure core under him.

He died on a fireball after an Israeli Litening strike near the sodium pressure core he was working on, seated upon it. I collected a picture of the blast that shows it but cannot get it back right now.
This image of Qassim Suleimani’s brutal death shows his two arms with one having no hand (more contaminated by sodium from the blood, to the left, closer to his head) that were pressing on the sodium catapulted above his body seen inflammed by the sodium under him that was shattered by the blast of the IDF strike, he was on his sodium core pressing as an Israeli plane fired a Litening. There is another picture a bit later that shows the grey plume remains of the hand also somewhere on the Web…

Besides did you know I burned a Coran once ? In my chimney, together with “Karl Marx ou l’esprit du monde” by Jacques Attali…

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