Russian strike on Kremenchuk : a modern gas chamber & crematory oven facility destroyed

The study of the data relative to the Kremenchuk strike shows that it was a very peculiar shop, the “Amstor”. The French language allows to give two meanings to this name, Arm store (weapon store) and Âme (Soul store). The careful observation shows that indeed two uranium showers at least were present. On Ukrainian crematory ovens see for instance here, here, here and here.

There is a particular case with the cementry behind. Rapidly sticking cements have a good void coefficient for fast neutrons. This discovery which I made last October has here clearly been diverted for plutogenization through human bodies.

The two uranium showers from which particularly black smoke rises.
It’s from where the heaviest, darkest smoke was “rising”. I can’t even say rising since it was so heavy… DU together with an earlier victim of the gas chamber whose face emerges in the plume.
Fire surviving behind where the resulting ammunition was stored. Cement allows a good plutogenization and this is why the light from the fires is bright (but somehow bloody from the victims in).
Note the watchtower on the top left.
It’s clear that my spinning nuclear motor was used for plutogenization with a gassed victim inside, in a tall tube filled also with cement.

On the motor see here. Below another example from Kyiev, March 21st, also in a shopping mall, Retroville, also targeted by Russia :

Zoom at the bottom of the cylinder and you will see the face of the human victim put upside down in. Image source

So the tubes were planned to be used the same way in Amstor. For plutogenization with human corpses.

Don’t I call Soviet nuclear material from uranium extermination mines retchlagmash ? The cement plant was called Kredmash.

“Not at all a prison camp. Forget also about that watchtower. Russia targeted civilians doing shopping”

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