More crematory reactors in Ukraine

The horrors of the Ukrainian regime, a cooperator with Communist China in terms of military technologies, especially crematory reactors, have already appeared in several ways (in addition to the biowarfare labs with experiments on radioactive human flesh) but there is more.

No. That’s a crematory oven, and the girl was being plutogenized
Another Ukrainian crematory reactor, destroyed. A woman was laid in as flesh for plutogenization
Beginning of the collapse of Sirius. Partial supercriticity. Observed later with significant flashes and rays of light coming out from it.

Several crematory reactors in Ukraine were naturally destroyed by relativistic neutrons from Sirius.

The feeling that Homer Simpson was put in the crematory reactor is irrepressible… Sorry.
Two victims and a good dog at least and maybe more. Faces emerge through the plume
Two more cases. Last explosion in the 2d shows a cat. Right in the first picture there is enough blood for a small dozen of victims

What happened in Berdyan’sk : in November I had emailed the Ukrainian Navy encouraging them to make small corvettes (for anti piratry) powered with a Triga subcritical-like. It’s blatant they did it on a harbour but with Captagon / Astrazeneca vaccine moderator creating a fast reactor. It had bodies in, they are visible in the first blast image within the flames (two humans, including a woman, third indecisive) and also through plume patterns later. Massive DU pollution.

Obviously also destroyed by relativistic neutrons from Sirius ! It’s a progressive “collapse” i.e. supercriticity of the star
Two more crematory reactors – crematory trains. The one above was destroyed by the fall of a nano black hole (attracted by the nanoblack hole generated in by the plutogenization – more pressure related to human bodies in creates more opportunities for formation of antigravitons…. that attract natural ones)

Crematory trains (retchtrains) are mobile gas chambers (u showers) with an added body compressor to make “fries” from killed uranized human bodies to be plutogenized, in their own cuve for instance or elsewhere.

Presentation of the retchtrain :

The vapor traces on the window. Double press and body ejected on the left. So the uranium, yellow gets under the blue paint. Within the body of the “traitor” for plutogenization.
Return on the second one. Large explosion of blood. Important amounts of human ashes. One hundred victims accumulated within the cuves in the explosion.

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