The collective explosion of Ukrainian crematory oven tanks in Bucha seen with plume drift

The Ukrainian forces in Bucha have bombed with depleted uranium civilians after the departure of Russian forces so to get “revenge against traitors”, which is why death without bloodspill happened (death through internal haemorraghias). See my full report about this – the protocol involved cremation of the dead bodies from DU inhalation into crematory oven tanks for more antitank weapons with plutonium. A stratagem of the Ukrainian regime that I uncovered before the conflict.

Note the 1488 code, famous Adolf Hitler Heil code with alphabet numbers

So after a group of tanks exploded while plutogenizing bodies, journalists came and saw the bodies laid ready for cremation and were told “Russia did it”.

Here is a complement to the above article. The collective explosion of Ukrainian crematory tanks created radioactive plumes that drifted across Europe with the Earth’s spin and I could picture shapes testifying of it. (Remember that Chernobyl reached south-eastern France in 1986)

The SBU guy pressing too strongly clearly triggered the mass explosion. This appeared at the epicenter of the drifting cloud mass.
large splurge of human ash down under the tank also sublevated into the plume in this case

I did not picture everything. At the beginning I was flabbergasted to see the shapes from Bucha above my garden and did not react very immediately. I also missed a number of human shapes while doing my pictures on this Monday morning.

For those with doubts, see also a more recent Russian strike against such a crematory oven tank in Kharkov. You can see the exact same shape, full of blood.

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