Nazi nostalgia in Ukraine and why it matters

The monument in memory to the Holodomor shows the ambiguity in Ukraine that was demonstrated again by their vote together with the US against the UN G.A. resolution condemning the apology of Nazism (and it happened several times already). Holodomor was indeed a crime against humanity (unlike Srebrenica 1995 for instance), it was the organized destruction of a people by taking away all its food resources, throwing these people in open fields to die and rot… several million victims. Anne Applebaum’s Red Famine is an interesting book that unfortunately I haven’t read because I focus on radioactivity-related matters.

But one part of the monument to victims of the Holodomor shows a blatant attachment to the Nazi invaders as saviors. The swans on the pillar are extremely homogeneous with the eagles with a hooked cross of the Nazi uniform.

The black metallic cross behind amplifies the sin. Picture courtesy of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Instagram – they have to be thanked for providing only very limited military support to Ukraine, only helmets…

Some elements on Ukrainian weaponry also indicate a sympathy. In particular on these mobile units with ATGM launcher :

When you see from right away, the S as in the SS units shows up…. image taken from

It’s in particular critical with these mobile units which are the Shturm-SM, a weapon producing its own warheads by getting in victims drowned in depleted uranium dust and incinerating so to produce plutonium239 that is compacted at the rear and poured into a primitive warhead.

I have shown that Ukraine has been provided depleted uranium weapons in very large amounts these recents months. There is a supportive strategical nonsense on the deflection of hypersonic weapons with “dust”. There also is an obvious plot with the Ukrainian population if Russia bombs the arsenals and the DU dust of the Western weapons drifts westwards. But the Shturm-SM recently presented to the world is the most cynical weapon, intended at incinerating people victims of DU weapons caught by military units and put in the rear of these evil dirty strikers. Using people as moderator makes for poor yield – poor warhead efficiency – by the way.

If a country is threatened by DU weapons and has itself not gotten involved in using such DU weapons massively, using the tactic of killing enemy soldiers by plunging them into the DU dust brought by their weapons, after these weapons have been effectively used (to make plutonium and power military reactors for instance), is legal and helps protecting the environment and civilian lives. But the offensive use is criminal, horrendous, vile, disgusting, nauseous. Terrorist. Let’s also mention that the Foreign Minister of the DNR Alexandr Kofman is Jewish. Interesting isn’t it ? What do you think ?

Let’s look at the linguistic data from Wikipedia on Ukraine :

It’s clear that Ukraine is a weak country that needs a federal, polycentric system of government and that scapegoating ideologies tend to take the center stage so long as these deep issues aren’t solved because it’s easier to find culprits than to actually fix your own issues seriously. Nazism obviously offers that. Volodymyr Zelenskiy did nothing else than that by attacking Petro Poroshenko as traitor. Coming from a Jewish family, V. Zelenskiy is exempt from the blame above but his political career shows his brutality, starting from his humour style in “Qvartet”, to the recent violence of his security service against a young woman journalist, and it is extremely possible that down under – because of the longlasting economic stagnation and growing public debts of the Ukrainian state – the Nazi ideology is gaining ground in Ukraine.

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