Explaining the two headed giant Kap Dwa

The myth of “Kap Dwa”, the two headed giant, is obviously constructed from the body of a real man, Robert Wadlow, who after his death in 1940 had a facial mask made and the body put in a saline solution for the mummification. Most likely against his will. The facial mask was laid along the corpse and served to construct on the left a false second head altogether with some skin obviously taken from the back.

Kap Dwa

The nasty behaviour of “monster show” owners like Phineas Barnum is well-known.

It’s clear from the absence of holes in the nose of the head on the left, that also has no expression of its own (nothing in the eyes), that it’s molded from the right head. A rope with some objects rests to better cover the imperfections of the sewing process.

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