“Our Vichy squad” – the extraordinary presentation by the Russian MoD of one unit handling a crematory oven-like mobile system

I appreciate the humor of the Russian Ministry of Defense that exhibited in Baranavichy (as in Vichy-Barn) a gassing unit, actually intended there as self-defense against depleted uranium weapons. (Some motors of the unit are powered with nuclear reactors that can be fed, are created to be fed with corpses full of uranium, so for instance enemy soldiers that entered the areas typically bombed with DU ATGMs or DU bunker busters and have been rolled into it by the counter attack).

The Russian Ministry indeed also is for showing the particular effect of growth interruption as the knowledge and deliberate choice, in soldiers, to use that inhumane strategy (in general – but that DU weapons has managed to give some limited virtue… congrats, America and its allies) creates a stop in growth to compensate. There is also an unstable psychological profile in all of them that is obvious. Totalitarianism (in this case national-socialism) creates a “show your plate and get the sausage” effect that cannot allow the mind-body whole to fully develop.

But here even the little Belarusian chief with a profile that truly reminds me of Marcel Déat has found with the threat of DU weapons (the Javs and NLAWs) a spiritual window for being useful to the world.

It’s also obvious that the Russian Ministry of Defense also wanted to show them because they know they are half-nuts and did that in the general interest, simply. It’s the general interest to see social-nationalist militias, what that does to the body-mind, their limits, which they know are a systematic phenomenon. In the “Vichy repository”. I litterally bursted in laugh when I saw that. They left you in comparison their true people so you can see the difference, on the body, on the mind.

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