Government science and the loss of confidence factor : case studies in modern propaganda

The fact is that covid19 has ushered a new era of stratagems to propagate in the media political studies with the roots in media and not in sheer science, only with the purpose to foster on the public a reflex of belief in the answers proposed by governmentally-approved companies – vaccine users especially have been compared to people not vaccinated without any depth in the case studies regarding the publics : those picking the vaccine and those rejecting it are totally divergent groups whose innate properties explain the results taken as blatant demonstrations of the successes of vaccination theories.
Vaccine takers are necessarily “legitimists” coming from the middle and upper classes and people in general obedient to government advice, that do not smoke much, do not drink much, are not obese, typically. Vaccine rejecters are obviously the opposite, as many of them are likely to be unobedient to government rules in general and not listen to physicians as well, preferring self-administered diagnosis and not applying rules of good sense for their health, not doing sports, smoking, enjoying alcoholic beverages etc. (except for a minority like me who is libertarian but not for the meat eating and alcohol drinking)
These divergent profiles are the main explanation of the “successes of vaccines”.
The loss of confidence is what would happen if this were to be understood by the many. A stream of propaganda has assenated the dangerosity of not being vaccinated by using only these results, confusing entirely correlation and causation. The momentum has been used to break barriers and spread the use of vaccines beyond the doctor, to the arenas of mass-vaccination in stadiums etc. and the public is being carried into fear by messages everywhere rejecting all what goes against the official truth as illegitimate.
Correlation does not mean causation. The mass vaccination has mostly validated, simply, a difference in immunity linked to natural variations in human behaviour. There is a supplementary validation now from the end of Ra226 Ra228 etc. in car fumes improving significantly the overall immunity – since it happened in early November 2021 the pandemia has lost significantly in intensity, in perfect accordance with my scientific articles – the mutation rate and rabidness of the virus both fell down significantly.

Could a government acknowledge that medicinal plants treat the coronavirus efficiently ? Could they slow down the tempo of medical research in fine new gadgets to instead promote what comes from nature and from the tradition, from our pre-Christian roots ? Governments want a supply of things they can control. They granting you healthcare has to happen so they cannot really foster tools so efficient that they become useless hereafter. They want to see and to stay in power and self-medication with plants kills their ability to see (with social security) and threatens their chances of staying on the long-term. Self-empowerment is against their wishes. People have to fear nature for them to pose as more powerful than it. People have to not see to be channelled into obedience. It is as if the mass vaccination was chosen as a direct test of obedience. There is also a natural resurfacing of the relationship with the animals of cattle, and their pretherapeutic molestation with many drugs as way to prevent diseases in the barn. Which is why the British authorities have to be thanked for deciding that forced workplace vaccination rules do not apply to vegans.

Lastly perhaps it is a question of appropriation – they cannot appropriate so they do not propagate. There is the modern pharmaceutic industries and their drugs – no competition is encouraged. No decision made against them. You cannot make lots of money with medicinal plants. Certainly is this why they are not popular in the mainstream media.

The situation currently creates an impressive loophole, with the rollout of all that biomedical technology everywhere for promoters of Jean de Sismondi’s thinking (with also the fact that salvia officinalis is a very traditional Italian / Iranian medicine). It is as if the situation was made for that. This is very peculiar. Absolutely tragic.

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