The Russian attack replies to the beginning of the fallouting of the DNR and LNR with DU weapons for later incineration of civilians

Whereas the Daily Telegraph found out about a defensive crematory oven of the Russian army (see also my own article earlier) it has to be understood that these measures are related to the threat of DU bombings from Ukraine with the weapons provided by the USA, UK, Lithuania and Estonia. (See here and read also this as well as this essential article)

The Shturm-SM is the mobile incinerator that converts directly bodies contaminated with DU weapons into plutogenized mash poured into rockets that the weapon can then fire. The codename comes from the Sukhoi 27 PU, a plane of the late times of the USSR made also to accomodate retchlag bodies plutogenized (hence the Pu codename – the plane was later renamed Su30 SM). The fuel in human corpses is longer and needs some additional measures to clean the fats… the Su47 Berkut’s inverted wings also come from that (to compensate the lower efficiency of that retchlag fuel and its longitudinal disposal). After the fall of the USSR the Su30 SM was produced in very limited amounts for obvious reasons. Likewise the Su47. The Chengdu J20 has the same characteristics still today. It is made for eating bodies (that have eaten DU, it seems that’s the very meaning of “Chengdu”). The Ukrainian supply of military spare parts is said here to be a secret key of China’s air power ( ! Particular pieces to avoid leaks of human juice obviously…

The NLAW sandwiches a piece of HEU between two pieces of DU and is hence particularly appropriate for that gassing as there is a relative need to have some more fissile material to incinerate in a very small crematory chamber the body (to produce more neutrons). Yesterday it was started to be used…. very near civilian areas ! The clouds do not rise. Drift on the soil. It’s deliberate gassing.

There is a small black cloud and heat from the fission of some of the HEU makes the DU less dark than what appears in more heavily loaded DU bombs. Circa 6 kilograms of DU per NLAW in my estimates.

So there is a very simple and clear reason why President Vladimir Putin talked of a threat of genocide against the inhabitants of the Donbass. That process had begun.

What makes the process even more disgusting (if that is possible…) is knowing that Ukraine’s authorities had a large throve of plutonium from the Chernobyl fuel. Chernobyl exploded because of a plutonium extraction accident but the fuel that has poured out has been retrieved and used now in olive frame subcriticals according to my invention. But covered as interim storage facility !

So Russia smerched an area where there was no declaration of nuclear electricity production. Just a waste repository suspected to be a weapons manufacture.


The yellow area in the bottom middle of ge brown cloud shows where the entry of water was for an olive frame subcritical. Lots of plutonium, lots of water, the remaining uranium 238 – human flesh mix rises above at the end (brown cloud). It’s the responsibility of the Ukrainian government to have hidden its nuclear production of electricity like that and they are being scolded in the correct way ! Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s total corruption and instability – tragic immaturity, demagogy, autocracy and brutality – is the root cause of the disaster and common sense Ukrainians should not associate with that regime that refused to condemn the apology of Nazism in a vote at the UN g.a. The war can end very quickly if Zelenskiy is toppled, ousted from power and rights of the Russophones restablished. But there will also be a lot of accumulated ennemity to dispel and time will be needed for restoring peace.

I mean I was thinking of Halabja. Halabja was done with acid from a uranium extraction process abandoned after the Israeli strike on Osirak. After Halabja the bodies could still be found even with deformities. This is the reverse. It’s a growing military nuclear programme. Bodies of the victims will disappear totally if nothing is done. The strike on a nuclear electricity plant is involuntary. A regime, the “new Ukraine”, now makes a specialty of using depleted uranium weapons for incinerating purposes, on civilians for linguistic and ethnic reasons. It’s another form of terrorism, an attempt with the UA and “Uranium Appauvri” in French, trying to achieve national unity of “Ukraina” with a weapon used for ethnic cleansing, clearly and obviously.

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