The Zelenskyi regime’s DDR-style police uranium showers (updated)

The fact was seen first in the Kharkov police bombed by Russian Armed Forces. Prussian blue contamination and a large pack burning with heavy plume above.

It is confirmed by looking at another police post near Kherson where a tunnel uranium extermination camp dating back from the USSR, with prussian blue tinctures being cultivated along the tunnels was found in plain activity.

Here is the police post

The blue packages are the readied uranium powder for gassing within
Approached by Russian forces….


Immediately after the Russian attack the Ukrainian Energoatom disconnected Chernobyl (RBMKs) since they knew a shortage of fuel was to come after disconnection of the police gas chamber and of the tunnel uranium mine retchlag from their network !

Further study in Dniepropetrovsk shows another uranium shower system destroyed by a Russian strike.

Heavy plume
Next to the area the stocks with a barrel for the shower still on the soil
One gas chamber seen with uranium on fire in
Here you see better the vertical channels used for showering.

Let’s not mention the Ukrainian ATB. The ATB is the system for individual involvement of volunteers willing to make antitank weapons with flesh remains. This is clear. It is presented as a kind of vacuum cleaner by the advertisement…

Pink hosepipe and a palm tree with a green victim upon – and last picture, another individual killed as plutogenization material, in a core.

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