Iranian general Suleimani got his hand cut in January but survived… until an Israeli strike yesterday in Homs

Believe it or not – I knew the Iranian regime had decided to simulate death of Suleimani, by having a cut hand laid in the area that American forces bombed in early January. Amputating his hand while taking heavy amounts of cannabis to kill pain. It’s obvious that the heads of the Iranian theocracy have read my book From an Einstein Syndrome to the People and that they decided to imitate the method Jesus Christ used, so as to turn Suleimani into a new saint.

There is proof of what I am saying. The terrorist tract, below, says the sheer truth, you don’t see the right hand because, simply, it’s been cut, this threat was released this April, Suleimani had managed to infiltrate Western Europe, the Noor satellite had been put in space and the Mahan Air planes had brought series of missiles in Venezuela so Suleimani was actually in position to order a strike on the White House from Venezuela with the help of the satellite. I think that Suleimani himself was hiding in Brittany not far from my home of then… certainly hoping to reach me and take opportunity of my work on DU while directing a strike.

So fortunately the “Blue Angels” went to fly above Washington DC so as to improve missile interception capabilities, the Noor satellite was quickly destroyed by the US Space Force, and allies of Suleimani arrested so he had to leave, clearly… back to Syria… and then he was killed yesterday by an Israeli strike on the Homs T4 airport. Kudos to Tsahal.

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