There was a precise reason Hiroshima was obliterated : it hosted a plutogenic nuclear reactor, whose post-explosion fire can be seen in the pictures of the event

Looking at the archives of Hiroshima led me to think of what really was behind the targeting of this city ; Imperial Japan obviously had some nuclear activities for at least the making of armour-piercing rounds ; and this can be confirmed, and it can be understood that Hiroshima was a city involved in this nuclear complex by looking at the pictures of Aug. 6 and later.

The cloud of the explosion leads to identify two sub-events ; firstly, the detonation of the nuke, at 500 meters of altitude as was set by the engineers on the altimeter of the device ; and then, that altitude blast that devastates the city triggers the explosion of a small plutogenic nuclear reactor on the soil, that plutogenic nuclear reactor explodes and its uranium 238-rich cloud rises, with hence much more smoke – the unfissionned U238. Let me use the pictures from the Deutsche Welle journalist that recently investigated the issue of the use of bad pictures for the Hiroshima & Nagasaki explosions, Amien Essif :

The first and the last image in particular show the division in two of the event. The “bubble” on the middle-right is the remain of the high-altitude blast, from Little Boy itself, at 500 meters of altitude, it triggered the blast, on the ground, of the plutogenic nuclear reactor that was in that city, it’s the cloud rising from the ground on the left, much more denser ! lots of uranium 238, a natural-uranium reactor of course for plutonium production so it’s a dense, dirty cloud rising. That reactor exploded, but it’s a very small explosion, mostly a fire, like what happened in Beirut one month ago. When the reactor explodes the burst and thermal effect of Little Boy is already mostly done, by the time the photograph has been able to turn back his neck and look at the event its shockwave is over, of course… he sees the cloud of the reactor explosion & fire rising & meeting the remains of Little Boy, that’s what he captures with his photograph, the big dense cloud from the plutogenic reactor and the thin remains of the explosion of Little Boy !

Destroying that whole city, with a kilotonnic nuclear bomb, was a calculated decision, with the belief that most of the inhabitants could have an involvement in that industry, and that hence they should not be spared.

It’s difficult to get good pictures of the Nagasaki blast yet the city hosted quite a lot of industries and this could have been related to the turning of the raw plutonium 239 into antitank weapons.

There also is this funny picture of high ranking US officers checking a map near particular debris in the Hiroshima post-nuking field, like “it was here” – look at the eyes of the officer to the right, the hatred, you can feel he hated what was here, the plutogenic nuclear reactor.


  1. “Во время своей жизни всякому человеку случается споткнуться о свой «великий шанс». К досаде, основная составляющая из нас просто подымается, отряхивается и перемещается дальше, как будто ничего и не сотворилось.” – сказал Уинстон Черчиль. На мой взляд, данная исходная информация и есть тот “великий шанс”,что дает возможность присмотреться и двигаться по жизни дальше, только наиболее премудро.

  2. In my opinion the missed chance is in 2006. I’d say something provocative but my belief is that Litvinenko’s poisoning WITH Polonium210 was a kind of signal by Vladimir Putin, who certainly was pretty clean otherwise back then (no uranium mine concentration camp of any kind) and possibly tried to trigger the debate on depleted uranium weapons, with that. It did not succeed and the Western powers kept on claiming, later, that CHEMICAL weapons were used by powers related to Mr Putin, Bachar al Assad’s army for instance… I wonder, you know, if Jacques Chirac’s opposition to the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was related to his knowledge of depleted uranium weapons but Mr Chirac failed at life and everything because he opposed it but did not change anything to the French DU stockpile so he was ridiculized by the Sun and American media. Chirac also knew of the uranium mine gulags and knew that Vladimir Putin had not reopened that (this is obvious) so decided with De Villepin to give him the Grand Croix de la Légion d’Honneur.
    But because of harrassment with claims of chemical weapons, that were insulting to the victims of DU, Vladimir Putin went more and more isolated, of course his decision to invade some regions of Georgia turned him into an outlaw… it goes tragical then, it’s really a drama, the chemical lies in Syria by the West in 2013, the reply (invasion of eastern Ukraine), the nuclear accident underlined last year in Arkhangelsk by the MSM whereas it’s really a tiny accident vs. Brunswick and the two Chinese accidents of 2015 and 2018 (see my International Journal of Physics 7 4 3), but at the same time Mr Putin has opened a few uranium gulags in open field, because of the opposition, he even went more recently to include depleted uranium in his OWN army and Russia’s close ally Armenia as well (which is why clean Azeri bombs wiped Armenia’s forces easily)… It’s a story of mobbing, and a victim that is not a true genius and gets into the cycle of violence as well. Tragical really.

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