Hizbullah clandestine plutogenic reactor killed by relativistic neutrons

I don’t know, sometimes I don’t report on nuclear reactors killed by relativistic neutrons, there was for instance a French SNA a few months ago… this explosion in Beyrouth was tremendous and needs a post : it’s a clandestine nuclear reactor, Hizbullah’s, in Beyrouth. Another explosion in a coal mine in Algeria also comes from the same wave (explosive gas as usual in the bottom of coal mines + fission on e.g. uranium naturally occurring in the coal, putting that gas at the bottom of the mine in combustion, leading to explosion).

Relativistic neutrons causing a small array of earthquakes, at the same time, from Africa to Novaya Zemlya & Turkey ; the entry in supercriticity of the nuclear reactor took clearly about six to seven hours during which the “personnel” certainly fought the overheating, without success, with gas-cooled reactors it’s really a lost fight…

People have to understand why Israel is in state of alert, after the repeated breaches of the border, the tunnels which the IDF is always trying to locate, a nuclear reactor always is the most simple basis for terrorist groups to make their RPGs, etc.

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