Return on “the hand” – Q. Suleimani’s hand cutting (before his death in September)

So I have posted already on Qassim Suleimani’s hand cutting, how he was seen as dead, actually not, before his actual killing in September 2020. If reading the link above is not enough, I would like to enter into more details here :

The important things are :

  1. it’s inflated, in theory a cut hand should have spilled lots of blood and not be inflated, except if it was very tensely holding something and behind, a rope around the arm cutting it creates areas of compression that close blood vessels after death (merging dead vessel cells one into another), making impossible the evacuation of the blood.
  2. we actually see cicatrices from lines that entered into the hand, from the effort

So the famous “COVID magnet” above that is in fact a depleted uranium dust magnet… the decontamination of areas indirectly improves immunity, this is true… the thing works with electricity that clearly and definitively was provided by an “Iranian” sodium fast nuclear core, the portative devices that are the emblem on the flag of the Theocracy ; sodium remains very hard to master because of its positive void coefficient, and because of the high mass of depleted uranium around him where he was at work in Iraq Qassim Suleimani obviously pressed too much on the core to produce too much electricity, creating a supercriticity in the core (from sodium’s self dilatation because of the positive void coeff) that is the explosion presented as a strike with Hellfire missiles. Qassim Suleimani had passed the cable (tense on the above picture) around his wrist while handling the magnet, several times that cable got into his wrist, nevertheless he kept on until the accident. The excess electricity sent into his magnet throws it away in the direction of the most important DU dust accumulates nearby together with his hand cut by the cable. That’s why the hand is full of blood, because he was at work with his hand catching depleted uranium but the hand and the magnet went to depleted uranium without him.

One more proof is the object next to his hand is very directly related, it clearly is a leather cover used as intermediary between the magnet and the hand for isolation from the electrical power injected into the magnet, which is why it has the exact curved form of the magnet.

General Suleimani obviously had trained already frequently with the magnet before and visibly got pain from that (signified, below, with his religious chain that verily replies to the electricity cable used).

A good opportunity to point out that Iranian generals now provide their antitank missiles to Shia militias with a “nuclear” sign in because they have no reason to hide how antitank works and all reasons to tell all their followers the difference between clean antitank with just fission and dirty weapons where DU is added… why would you need to lie when the enemy provides you with the best reasons to actually fight ? but the Iranian regime covered itself in ridicule when it concealed its depleted uranium harvesting by saying “Covid Magnet”.

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