Nikita Khruschchev is the first responsible of the Ukrainian Holodomor – and the terrorism of nowadays anti-Russian revisionism of the Zelenskyi regime

It is essential to restate historical facts on the Holodomor. The destruction of 3 to 5 million Ukrainian peasants on the period 1932 to 1933 is first and foremost Nikita Khruschchev’s responsibility. He was named chief of the Ukrainian cell of the CPUS in 1938 for the “services” in dekulakisation. After WW2 he went to promote a precise breed of revisionism, the most perverse “admission – as accident” by tolerating or even encouraging a sole public discourse : that it was “supply issues”.

Khruschchev was named in the Donbass already in 1921. He was named party secretary of the raïon of Petrovo-Marinski (the raïon of Donetsk) in 1925. That raïon, then called raikom, had a superficy of 1000 km2. William J Tompson in Khruschev : A Political Life (St Martin’s Press, 1995) notes that Khruschev travelled all around the “raikom” and was looking pretty much in everyone’s activities, at even the smallest problems. Khruschchev is named by Kaganovich as second of the party in Donetsk at the end of 1926 and then transferred in Kharkov. William Taubman, in Khruschchev : The Man and His Era (W W Norton & Co, 2003) notes that Khruschchev is then transferred by Kaganovitch in Kyiev in 1928 and becomes number 2 of the party in the city. Then Khruschchev continues his ascent in Moscow. In 1936 he expresses total support for the Purges. At the end of 1937 Stalin names Khruschchev at the head of the party in Ukraine.

It is definitively obvious that Khruschchev is the responsible of the supply issues later acknowledged by historians during his chairmanship later (see below). He knew the territory precisely. Decided, certainly because of the hostility toward communist principles that he felt there during his long stay (because of the lower natural radioactivity) the Holodomor wipe-out of the peasantry responsible for Makhnovism and for the White Armies.

Because he did it.

In addition to these confirmations regarding Khruschchev’s responsibility and shutting down of historians, altogether with silence in the 1956 speech, there is an official revisionist policy that is enacted under his rule. Let’s read Pauline Peretz :

“Difficultés d’approvisionnement” (supply difficulties) – while Khruschchev was in Moscow !

Khruschchev did it and his RDS-37 drop on the Steplag testifies of the same style of policy later again. Jews and Wehrmacht soldiers altogether used for a test of “can we use people for the Ullam side” because a dozen crematory ovens were found in activity in the camp. The 800 000 prisoners all killed. I discuss of this in my recent scientific publication.

By the way – I allow myself a short jump to nowadays’ news : with all the DU and crematory oven ashes in Ukraine and farm silo fires twice where it started to be exported (Lebanon) revisionism has again emerged in Ukraine with Olena Zelenskyi’s brutal assertion that “our war doesn’t pollute”, with activities of falsification of pro-Russian material seized in the Kyiev Moscow Patriarche monastery to claim it contains material supporting the spread of depleted uranium. They want all the DU from the Western ATGMs (the NLAWs, SMAW-D, the first generation of Javelins before my plutogenization paper… I talked of a DU curtain. Boris Johnson’s UK, farthest away from the fallout while ideologically eugenist-darwinist is the prime responsible) to be blamed on the LNR that fired also a few DU shells and on the Kaskad regiments and Wagnerists that also did it in even more limited ways. Not to mention Russian magnet-cleaning activities with which Ukrainian units interfered frequently through destruction of these units. Olena Zelenska speaks in a telegraphic way, “vacuum-DU-around-go material promoted in the Russo-Jew material donated to us ” (by the SBU) “our war doesn’t pollute”.

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