Seismic effects from the fallout of the war in Ukraine – Alpha emitters triggering new underground fission and causing more destruction, including a crematory subcritical accident in the Ukrainain embassy in Madrid

The heavy masses of fallout from the war in Ukraine have triggered, from the pendular wave described in my communication in geophysics, an echo of that wave, because the fission related to atmospheric nuclear fallout of that war feeds fission of alpha emitters that fell in the soils and were incrusted in by the solar rays, especially around cities where the electrons of electricity lines and of the rest of the human activity have brought this fallout in throves.

This is visible for instance in Spain. In the small city of Badajoz, the normal rise, related to the pendular oscillation, dominates, because it is not a very developing city, as it is marked by Franquism (in relation to a certain correct utilization of corrida areas… sorry. Had to say this once) and the post-1975 development did not take off there :

But it’s not the case in Madrid. In both cases I am picking the “seismic noise” data. In Madrid the behind-the-line pattern is still apparent but there is a clear straightforward rise because of that. There already was a small lava flow in the city center six months ago from the same phenomenon. Related clearly to a small Triga-subcritical but with a directional shift in the laser and acid releases indicating the use of the “Chinese recipe for crematory systems” first used in Chinese hospitals (a bath of acid is used for pressurization of the alpha emitters). Below you’ll see the images. It happened in front of the Netflix HQs, suggesting they used this technology for powering their cinemas.

The same new oscillation can be related to three events :

I can also show the passing of the oscillation (that I actually felt this evening under my chair) with seismic data from Sospel in the southern tip of the Alps. Spain is more dense and hence the passing is delayed by the relative heaviness of the crust (vs. the shelf of Mediterranean sea). But it’s an aftershock of the normal pendular wave, related to all the fallout from Ukraine. The shockwave peaks on the 28th of November there.

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