Anne Frank was a secret daughter of Albert Einstein and she secretly evaluated uranium effects on puberty

The observation of pictures of Anne Frank show that she is not the daughter of Otto Frank but the daughter of Albert Einstein.

I have explained how Albert speculated on crematory ovens. It is clear that not only did he had a secret daughter in the Netherlands, but that he exchanged with her, talking of some early guesses on uranium intakes within the body, on puberty for instance – in a period in which Antoine Lacassagne for instance had made early discoveries on radioactivity in cells stimulating tumoral proliferation, the subject was of interest for scientists.

By the way, Albert’s syndrome is a little known disease that has been described among other things in Fallujah babies by Dr Samira Alaani. Albert’s syndrome includes brachycephaly and fused fingers and is clearly a direct transfer effect of activity near crematory oven(s) of the mother, on the foetus. The effects of crematory oven exposure are typically associated to the Familial mediterranean fever. Which is related to the jets of heated DNA and flesh mixed with uranium and plutonium, getting in the body through activity near a crematory oven. It’s slowly degenerative and no medicinal plant can fix that. Albert’s syndrome is an equivalent thereof on the foetus, through physical transfer. Shuriken effect converts gamma rays and other radiation from the low levels of fission (that a foetus can stand without abortion – see also my scientific article on the linear no-threshold model – I confirmed an early discovery of Dr Christopher Busby on that) into other wavelengths that are able to express more kinetic strengths on the foetus instead of a radiative burn. It is clear this syndrome was named after Albert Einstein, for the speculation I denounced earlier was recognized by others before me. One can understand that “Baath party culture” explains why some syndromes of Albert were recorded in Fallujah by Dr Alaani.

Albert Einstein spoke to his daughter Anne (Frank) of uranium in the bodies and certainly recommended to her that she evaluates effects on puberty, which is why little body changes are recorded in her diaries (the emergence of pubic hair, labia, the existence of labia, and the clitoris – source). I heard that because of reports on her diaries. I have to say I have never her diaries myself and am writing based on reports and rationality, not based on emotion. It’s clearly possible that while having her mind focused frequently on puberty and uranium, she needed to establish an “alternative heart”, a certain “Kitty Francken”, expression of her pussy, in the vulgar meaning, her sexual organ, since the ultrarational study imposed by Albert led to her forgetting of her body (always put in the line of comparison…). She is not in love of her sexual organs because she studies them, in length, which is why symmetrically develop the letters to “Kitty” in her diaries. Possibly too much bowing down for observance of herself created also some hits of alpha emitters into the line between the two hemispheres of her brain, reinforcing the partition tendency, akin to schizophrenia.

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