Albert Einstein’s rising hair and the truth on the photoelectric effect : he lied. And spread racism while he speculated on crematory ovens.

The photoelectric effect has no source in truth except the descent of solar electrons, as explained in my Applied Mathematics and Physics 8-1-1 (“Reading through solar storms” subchapter). Soils with alpha emitters attract solar electrons that metallic matter cast in glass is able to gather and channel into electricity wires.

Albert Einstein knew, and lied, as he decided to speculate instead in the energy potentialities from his discovery with Poincaré & Planck, this is obvious. See my related scientific article and read through Albert Einstein’s racism re. Chinese and Japanese people (Smithsonian article), and at the end of André Malraux’s La Condition Humaine a crematory oven case in a Chinese locomotive indicates clearly that there experiments were attempted, re. my scientific article just above.

Albert Einstein also gave to Mileva Marić, his first wife, his 1921 Nobel Prize money as implicit acknowledgement certainly that he wasn’t worth it. Which correlates actually with his later racist bet certainly. It’s consistent.

Albert Einstein’s refusal to talk of alpha emitters as explanation of Bose Einstein condensation and of the photoelectric effect go together with a phenomenon of natural justice, he progressively gets more alpha emitters within the brain, they attract solar electrons, and through that channel his hair gets the rising-up tendency.

At the end, after WW2, he actually decided to cooperated with Nazi scientists that had gotten in the USA from Paperclip and the result (as they found the fascii pattern of fascism for reactors as common denominator) was the XB-70 Valkyrie, that never succeeded in achieving any military success.

Let’s also note how, altogether with depleted uranium weapons spreading the driver for future solar panels later, crematory reactor systems from people killed by DU weapons “can also spin wind turbines”, it’s Actually a key basis for wind power (see my new scientific article). It is very clear in my opinion that the “German” who invented depleted uranium weapons at the end of the 1950s in the USA is Albert Einstein himself. Indeed he certainly saw the David Star-like shape of the U238 atom and its health effects as a way to break traditional communities and, it’s also very clear that this is why he says he “does not know with which weapons the Third World War will be fought”. Based on the Indian-China small conflict with sticks and stones you can see the Third World War was between 1972 and early 2020.

I have put “can also spin wind turbines” because whereas this is now since a few months directly, intentionally planned by some people…,

These guys for instance

on the long term the wind turbine will collapse onto the crematory reactor behind and create a nuclear accident.

More in the news three new crematory tokamak accidents to report, one in Vietnam, the second one in Cuba (Matanzas province) and the third one in Fort Myers, Florida.

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