Why the depleted uranium spread in Ukraine CONSTRAINS a strong future increase of CO2 emissions

It is clear that the spread of depleted uranium in Ukraine (I’ve shown very recent data on the tremendous amounts here) has been decided among other things by planners who read my communication in geophysics and climate sciences, in addition to my Int. J. of Physics 7-4-3, and understood that climate can be cooled down strongly. It’s actually happening – didn’t you notice the colder temperatures this Autumn ? This is related to good decisionmakers applying the procedure exposed in my Int J of Physics 7-4-3 and setting nuclear reactors subcritical, altogether with “cold” CO2 emissions (without NORMs such as radium whose alpha decay represents a long-term energy emission, and hence heat source in the environment) that has been ensured since the end of last year.

The largely spread planning of a change in vegetation, with a return to more nordic trees, can be also observed with a decision taken in Belarus by the authorities to cut down a large oak tree to fill in the core of a plutogenizing subcritical core (with a bucket-with-holes pattern) once. Volodymir Zelenskyi’s anger after a Belarusian missile hit a lone pine tree in a central place of Kharkiv may certainly also be explained that way.

It is clear that we have the technologies now to recapture the spread alpha emitters, including the DU dust, thanks to antigravitons in Fermionic subcritical condensators. You can refer to the end of this article for an example and the end of this article for a case with Fermionic subcriticals with a human mash specialty. It is hence possible to really expect, after a year of hard work, a large-scale cleaning, in the way it was successfully done over a year around Canjuers. New trees, more Nordic than the heated-up leafy trees that Ukraine inherited from Soviet heat and pollution, could hopefully be able to grow free of pollution, with this work carefully done (and it is gigantic), while taking into account that pollution with alpha emitters also attracts cloud that make photosynthesis unable to work significantly (which is why the project might “fall into a black hole” if not carried out well enough). But more CO2 emissions will also be an imperative need to ensure rapid growth of the trees and matching the ends of this project. Rapid growth is possible, CO2 emissions from volcanoes explain clearly altogether with losses of underground radioactivity from magmatic fission the 3 harvests a year typical of Indonesia for instance. It has even to be reminded that technically oil is produced out of tectonic pressure, like water it is a result of the merger of ternary fission products in the ground. The Soviet Union’s policies around Samotlar (Samotlor oil field), involving uranium corridor mines, created a very strong economic depression (for obvious reasons) altogether with immediate weight loss of the hills from the uranium being taken out (in bodies of humans that could have lived around and through their constructions and installation of machines and industries have brought more pressure on these hills…) and this is why the oil pocket met a strong downfall of production that hit a very strong blow to the USSR. In other words good policies, respectful of human rights and the environment, breed natural benefits, while economic depression is self-sustaining if nothing is done.

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