Making sense of the Scientology’s logo and of Ron Hubbard’s vision of Xenu ditching souls in a volcano

The story of Xenu capturing bad aliens and throwing them in a volcano developed by Ron Hubbard has an actual underlying truth. I have shown in an older blog post written in French that following the sub-event related to the Chicxulub impact in the area of the French Riviera where I live, aliens using the gravitational power of the meteor landed, before being rounded up by surviving dinosaurs who used a volcano activated by the energy of the impact, boiling around behind Coursegoules, to push them in after luring them there.

Weird stones near Coursegoules (a name bearing the story of the event – course aux goules, the ghuls, aliens raced and brought into the crater above the area) show close tracks. See here the two last pictures. Below, farther away from the crater, lava flows have carried the shapes of these aliens and kept them in a very distinctive manner.

These are the most impressive but there is more.

Look at the shooting face in the middle

There is more, many smaller imprints also around. I don’t want to show everything. But it’s very clear that what happened precisely is that by 1944-1945, with the heavy masses of metals related to the war moving in Europe, not only the Vesuvius was awakened but magmatism in this area also was somehow heated up, and with quantum tunnelling of the light resulting from the small magmatic activity with the aliens’ remains inside, this was somehow seen by Ron Hubbard in conjunction with the military airplanes of these times at a distance, from the USA (my link shows an equivalent example in French). Explaining the story he elaborated.

On the left a boulder pictured close to the volcanic crater of Coursegoules and its andesitic lava echo, right.

I had told you.

It’s actually possible to juxtapose the logo of the Scientology with the topographic map of the area, the S linking the crater of the volcano north of Coursegoules to the area where I have collected today’s batch of magmatized alien skulls.

The top of each triangle points to the top of a mountain, the Cheiron and the Calern highs, accurately reproducing with the S an intermediate between the shockwave that caused the volcanic eruption and the later magmatic / lava transfer of the bodies of aliens to the area where I have taken the pictures shown above. And it’s clear in my opinion this is the origin of the Scientology’s emblem.

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