The ousting of Damiba and common sense in Burkina – interesting notes on African policy

The Damiba regime has been ousted by the Burkinabe population for reasons that have remained mysterious to most onlookers until very recently. What happened there is actually related to the shameless Ukrainian policy of getting support with demagogy and proselytism for weapon making, although “with excellent hopes of accusing Russia”. French diplomatic prostitution also bringing forward the exports of African resources for a useless war.

What happened in these two locations needs some observation to understand but one can understand by opening directly the images :

It is clear that the uranium resources of Burkina, in two areas, were “sponged”, most likely with some Burkinabé civilians used for forced work, before export to Ukraine. The Two Definitive Elements confirming the argument are that the capture of uranium resources happens in small corridors, and near a river in the traditional Soviet pattern of export, bringing it directly in the paternity of Mr Dmitro Kuleba, who obviously cultivated a direct friendship with Mr Damiba. “Damiba le bon nègre bwana, l’ami d’en bas”, sorry. It’s obvious that an “African Carrot” scam was built with people used as mops and filled with uranium in these pictured areas, based on the pseudo argument that my “African Carrot” concept “allows” crematory (it’s only included to fight janjawid-like groups, to allow small communities to get rid of these types of peoples without the need for a colonisator’s help) to actually Export the resulting “Carrots” to Ukraine to fight Russia based on the idea “Russia is racist”.

I am nevertheless today compelled to add the qualifier of “French diplomatic prostitution” (earlier elements did not compel any statement, although a French embassy had been attacked by the Burkinabé public) because of a new, very clear report in the Burkina news :

The Burkinabé prime minister shows clearly that France is looking for uranium to fight Russia in Ukraine by reciprocating :

Since Damiba has now taken refuge to Togo, let’s also note that Damiba’s reign allowed the trial of the putschists who toppled Thomas Sankara, proving again that the political party of Dmitro Kuleba is the Rote Arme Fraktion…

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