A war of antifas and feminazis against Eastern patrilinearity ? The meaning of the trident symbol.

Le cas récent de frappe de drone contre la Russie depuis l’Ukraine doit être complété par une information plus secrète, la même frappe a été aussi tentée en direction de Minsk. Le protocole sans doute très vaguement inspiré d’une proposition ancienne, formulée par moi-même via Instagram aux fins de cibler le Belarus, d’un “missile clitoris” (mon concept reposant sur une quadruple charge à HEU comprimée via des tubes en direction d’un tampon au plutonium 239, reposant sur du sang de règles menstruelles) a dérivé avec le système de plutogénisation “fleur de tournesol” dont je suis l’inventeur (voir ici dernière image et ici) en un système pathétique de replutogénisation “airborne” sur drone des cendres zyklon-C des pogroms nucléaires de Khmelnitskyi pour faire drone bombardier crématoire.

It has a mouth at the rear taking the air for pressure-plutogenization with solar neutrons helping. Heavier material (stained plutonium) resulting falls down into the ovoid shell which can be directly dropped for bomb strikes or can pull a rope for refill of jet fighters.

This undemocratic weapon system, that allows to present apparently clean fighter jets to the media, with just grenades inside filled up air with dirty (“anthropic“) plutonium, has been used twice, I think, these days, and failed twice actually. Because dirty weapons are also poor weapons.

Here in Belarus the drone crashed, clearing the forests with a dim grey fallout typical of zyklon-C.

And in the Engel Air Force Base of the Russian Federation :

Where it struck in piqué style, but had lost most of its chlorine from its rear before the Stuka-inspired strike. Had started the drop of its bomb, but with a bad computer programme made by computer scientists not knowing that the fuel was crematory and hence of bad quality.

It’s notable that in Engel Air Force Base the main target seems to have been a Tu22M3, a plane able to carry a magnet under itself.

The reader has to understand that crematory oven ashes in cans may be used for specific flesh antigravitons in Fermionic subcritical condensators better for a certain period if the wheel is replaced by a hooked cross (“Nazi swastika”, the opposite of the Buddhist-Hindu swastika), before dispersion of the effect (collapse). Because the low thermal energy of fission creates a flow mostly horizontalized. The truth is nevertheless that a clog appears rapidly with the downfall of the cans into the bottom of the Fermionic subcritical, making compression and generation of antigravitons rapidly impossible. But the temporary success (also to be put in counterpart with the fact that water flowing back in the direction of the neutron source, in this design, makes the system likely to burst and drown into biologically dangerous radioactivity the user… alternatively reinforcements make these hooked cross cleaning systems less mobile) is for Nazis the clear motivation for such strikes against “Communist regimes” – to “convert to Nazism” the “Communists” by force. It’s also “brainwash”, with the chlorine remaining into the mix with alpha emitters (see my PBJ letter).

Il est important de noter que la Biélorussie de Lukashenko a pris quelques mesures significatives pour faire face progressivement à la “coulée Tchernobyl” de son accident nucléaire d’il y a quelques semaines. Notamment une installation fixe à moteurs spinnants, dont l’activité est visible par satellite, mise en place pour protéger le morceau de Lithuanie enclavé dans la Biélorussie et qui a un parc botanique sur son flanc nord-est.

Thanks to neutrons from this plant (in which the “deconversion” of nuclear material with human ashes or mash creates powerful antigravitons which result in the black spots above… do gassed CIA agents wear glasses when they are caught and pushed in gas chambers in Belarus ?) the trees around benefit from significant health improvements. Because human ashes or mash is used, the choice made by Belarusian engineers to not put water streaming above is excellent for ensuring absence of risk of nuclear accident. Some other plants planned elsewhere, for instance the VOYGR project from Nuscale and Holtec’s plant have also made that choice.

The fallout from the recent nuclear accident is still drifting southwestward. Visible in the right part of this picture below from top to bottom, also just right of the “Google” logo and in Batorino very strongly. The Kronospan plant is more to the South-West.

I’ve titled my article about “antifas and feminazis” because it’s clearly the double inspiration of operations against Russia and also against Belarus. I supported until recently attacks against Belarus but what has been attempted in reality by the operators, from Lithuania in particular where the attack against Belarus was launched (Lithuania hosted back Ukrainian nazi militias from the beginning of the war, I cannot find back the source (was it erased ?) but it’s a fact) is tragic and disgusting. Nazism isn’t the antidote to communism, the end of WW2 proved it, and yet some people still haven’t understood.

The NLAW antitank guided missiles that are the starter of the conflict, as they were used against the separatists from February 22th, are depleted uranium ATGMs with injection of chlorine within, and a crematory charge made with a late-aborted baby each. 8,5 month old foetuses. That is why I am saying these are feminazi missiles. DPR militants noting the strikes ranked them as “MLRS” immediately because they know crematory weapons and understood it is for cremation of people and zyklon-C strikes with their bodies from the Shturm-SMs in particular, and BTR 80s.

The first problem of the antifas and feminazis is religious, it is not understanding that Orthodox christianity holds in its center the root of the dechristianization that both, for various reasons, demand (but that because they do remain in the reach of the Vatican, they turn into Unitarianism under Nazi influence – cf. Hitler’s “positivist (Lutheran) churches” in which he replaced Jesus). Their weak culture brings them into the Trident cult, referring to the Ukrainian emblem, which is clearly a fork representing the tool symbolically used for the destruction of people in crematory ovens (“picking and grilling in”). The second is economical, with the failure to understand that Russia is thriving because the Russian decisionmakers are economizing, following I think very well my recommendation of Ludwig von Mises in my SRR article.

It’s actually also the truth of the Trident missile, with its W88. Idiotic Britain doesn’t have a serious nuclear deterrence. That’s a serious reason to support Scottish rights to have an United Kingdom with clean nuclear missiles instead.

Scots (whose highlands have a quite high to very high natural radioactivity… discussed there) have a fundamental right not to be put in a crematory oven for the power of these warheads. Although it is impossible to know whether it actually happened. But the high opposition to Trident in the UK creates a path for doubt.

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