New crematory oven activities in Ukraine, proof of large scale activities

I have stumbled on a document on nuclear oven activities (Ydar, nuclear, ov, short for oven) on today and looked into it to see what I could countercheck.

Copyright LIFE.

Here are where I have found the most significant elements :

In Lviv first there is a massive area where houses have been destroyed with scramblers of the soil (pseudo-agricultural material manufactured by Ashland) and fallout on trees is visible nearby :

This goes together with earlier findings with BRDM-RKhG units and other gassing tanks – but the BRDM tanks stolen to Russian troops and used in streets with stone buildings, two to three levels, firing into the windows, before cremation within the tanks. These small tanks also found in the Iraqi arsenal even before the years of Saddam Hussein goes together with methods similar to what was used in Halabja. Bullets with uranium and chlorine expected.

So in Ouijrhohod there is a small crematory points left-south of the self service Vip car wash, in the trees, with open air crematory, fumes go north quite fast.

Optimists will suggest this is an intramuros retchlag for communists, pessimists that it’s controlled By communists from the Ukrainske Tovarytsvo house nearby, realists will remember the Wuhan P4 and the past biowarfare operations in Ukraine. The “Opechen” lake, totally covered in white smoke or censorship white like what has to be assumed to be a retchlag, has clearly been named for “sinners’ ashes in”.

Kremenchuk. Dead bodies (from depleted uranium fallout coming from the front – it’s a major place) north-east of the picture, crematory locations near the river, crematory ashes go west before cleaning in the river.

I was by the way looking at pictures from the Dniepr. Some “bio”contamination emerge from January 2015. The contamination somehow recedes then and is still low in 2020. Then this horrendous level in January 2022 :

It was clear anyway by looking at pictures that most people don’t take pleasure in bathing in the highly contaminated waters of the Dniepr, but Chernobyl creates a covenant here.

Here in Ternopil, two large blue-roofed buildings hide gas chambers and the road to the left is the dead end where the bodies are cremated in open air. Massive fallout.

And here large scale destruction of country houses as in Lviv above, with soil scraping afterward, crematory activity near the CBAT and its fallout going west.

I also checked for the Kanevskaya GEC and found some light fallout and indication of large destruction of houses in an area near the river. Fifty scrapped houses in my opinion.

The installation of new subcritical olive frames for civilian power there, while possible would always ask the question of “whether it’s the people that lived there that were canned for powering the cores”. Some elements of observation allow to make predictions after installation.

BRDM-RKhG, particularly Heavy from All the Plutonium Ashes. CLOTHES OF THE CIVILIAN VICTIMS AROUND IT.
One area where it obviously was at work.
“Halal” cremation with blood soaked out before putting bodies into it. The relative ratio of alpha emitters in the blood creates the line with the electrical wires of the lampposts.

These two images from Insta.Lviv are less than a month old.

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