Crematory nuclear molten combinate accident in Belarus (INES 6), when the terrorism of Lukashenko’s regime spills out

Looking at satellite data on Belarus, I have found with surprise and disgust that the regime attempted to combine a crematory Triga subcritical and a crematory spinning machine, next to another, in a field near a place called Sloboda. Interpretated by the siloviki as “freedom to test”, the combinate’s neutrons caused a large nuclear accident of human sludge.

Here is a zoom. The spinning machine on the west, a laser-powered & crematory Triga subcritical on the center, with the laser starting from the pathway near the channel, usually serving for release of bad ashes. Their neutrons combinated and it had a collective nuclear accident.

The preparation of “Otvalki 1 & 2” nuclear plants (based on local names) seems the project underlayed by the experiment.

South of this place, a bit east of the nuclear accident’s epicenter, is found a location indicating two retchlags, open air uranium corridors for killing dissenters and fueling them. Outwalkers, people trying to walk out of Belarus.

Zoom on the eastern group of corridors and on the bodies layered under soil, eastern corner of the image, bones separated and put in the middle of the mounts. More corridors have been planned.
All the area of Yasevichi was partly fallouted by it and it went even more to the West, more significantly
Look well. In the cloud under the initial Bose-Einstein pressure antigravitons set up AGAIN (kind of like in an hurricane after the destruction of the crematory tokamak) and scrapped the soil
The SMOKES between Lisovitchi and Volkolata shows an area of very significant deposit of alpha emitters from the plume
The plume continuated toward Minsk, reaches Starye Gaby and even the north of Navry (where there are still some significant smokes)

There are less significant but still visible indications of fallout in the southern direction from the temptative crematory nuclear cores toward Berezino.

This regime whose use of crematory tokamaks in an underground format I have shown, is now using this crematory tokamak “mash” (perhaps after laser replutogenization, there is a subcritical facility in the new BelOMO plant) for police bicycles (source They use a water stream pressurizing the tokamak mash.

Besides it is important to note that the Belarusian regime still works like Pol Pot for soil decontamination. They indeed replant vegetation, in the forests, after small retchlags. Old channels show greener trees, benefitting from some fertility gains.

It’s clear that mobile howitzers are brought there (in the case above) and bodies of victims rolled on the soil along them before using in the crematory propulsion / artillery at the end (Akatsyas 2S3m have a crematory propulsion legitimized in principle by the threat of DU strikes). There is “mashing” as well, with bones separated and laid in trenches in the small central pit, the lake at the bottom left serving for human ash release, which is why it is very very dark, with the “cremated blood” effect.

It’s also clear here that plantation work was done after retchlaging. So indeed there is a small fertility gain. But the methods are reminding of Pol Pot. Certainly with plans for a later crematory tokamak abandoned after my publication on crematory tokamaks and antigravitons
Here also with a gassing pattern, i.e. soils harvested by shovels, cremation and ash release at the end of the worked channel
Where the Otvalki 1 and 2 nuclear reactors are planned, west of the gassing zone

The gassing zone gets the help of soldiers who ready soils by pre-shoveling, indeed it is closer to the West and executions need to go fast, retchlags are more to the East in the middle of the woods.


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