Monitor of the fallout from the INES 6 Belarusian crematory nuclear accident in Europe

I have been able to time the INES 6 crematory nuclear accident in Belarus to the evening of October 18th. EurDep data, in particular, allows to track quite well the far-flung plume from the event. The plume had a particular behaviour, related to the spinning nuclear motor altogether with its Triga-subcritical all filled certainly with crematory mash from the regime’s tokamaks, put there for replutogenization. So, along with a small Chernobyl component in the victims, there is a replutogenization of mash already plutogenized in the tokamaks, leading predictably to a composition with atomic masses 241-242 quite largely included. The blood component in the fallout observed by satellite also asks the question of an inclusion of Natrosolmash imported from the West through Lithuania in exchange for Belarusian dollars, see below.

The plume was first catapulted by the explosion of the crematory spinning system and the slower plume from the Triga subcritical was partly repelled by the positiveness of the first plume, that reverse magnet effect causing later waves around the 24th of October in Germany and the Netherlands.

From the Polish border the initial plume is well visible here
Large peak of the fallout between Oct 21th and 22th in the top of the southern Swiss Alps, Italian side
Also visible here in Italy
Some peaking also here in Digne les Bains. Se souvenir que le pic de la fin du 1er Novembre (non représenté) est lié à l’onde géophysique pendulaire annuelle.
Impressive peaking in western Germany, starts earlier than in Digne for obvious reasons
Here in the Tatry in the Slovakian border to Poland, the initial plume is very visible, along with new concentrations from the reverse magnet effect of the initial plume onto later (heavier) drifting elements of the same nuclear accident
Same pattern with the reverse magnet effect at the end of Oct 23rd
Very interesting data from the Netherlands offering a synthetic view with the initial plume and later elements – the sea offering an escape to the initial plume, later portions reach ulteriorly the same beacon
Sweden isn’t in the kinetic path but the reverse magnet effect creates a lateral drift that becomes progressively intense
There is a kind of spin effect with the positive push of the fallout suggesting a good radium component (intense alpha decay in the plume) relatable I think to the above-predicted Natrosolmash imports

Have you looked at the earlier article showing soil data from the crematory accident ? It’s disgustingly dark. Certainly a very interesting set of data for estimates on the thousands of “Uighur ICBMs” of the Chinese communist regime (in terms of pattern, after actual strike).

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