On the need for a full rollback policy against China and its trade and investments

Getting the Chinese cancer out of the Western world, rolling it back to China, is not only in the interests of the Western world, but also in the interest of the Chinese citizens.

The Chinese communist-capitalist incestuous monster has taken a space that serves nothing, for simple reasons of colonialism. Opportunism and disrespect of the environment are its rules. Communism is incompatible with capitalism but (not to mention recent faking of Xi Jinping with photoshops, papercuts and latex masks) the CCP has refused to abandon its founding principles, the sickle and hammer, Marxism, the reference to Mao, as well as to transform into a non-communist entity.

It nevertheless remains that the development of China as well requires the rejection of all Chinese ventures, all Chinese investments, all Chinese positions, in the Western world and beyond. The lurid dreams of Chinese customers buying luxury goods in Western shops are part of the cancer that is eating the Western world. As well as delusions that by investing in China, Western private firms will be able to set up crematory systems to “kill Communists” and turn them into car motors or washing machine pressurizers (for instance).

The Chinese consumers should buy Chinese goods. Ecology suffers from long-distance trade. Short-circuit production – consumption is quintessential and a global embargo (blocus) on Chinese trade is simply in defense of the environment – but, as well, benefits Chinese development.

I am not only talking of recent cases (such as Cosco’s investment in Hamburg), and not only focusing on the need to bankrupt the HSBC. In general Chinese investments, trade, outside China, have to be prohibited, for the simple reason that the Chinese system is in a permanent self-contradiction, having adopted capitalism but with Marx and Mao as founders. They have to be expelled. Similar policies have to be adopted against other Communist countries that adopt similar policies. It was clear that Polestar was a brand supported from the DPRK, and they have been attacked already. The existence of a crematory tokamak in Vietnam is a reason to end the tolerance that was adopted toward the Vietnamese regime in reason of the 1972 depleted uranium strikes. It is in general candid and homosexual to believe that by coming with Investments (that represent a means to ensure life for homes… benefiting women, fertility, families) you will help collapsing regimes founded on Manliness – Marxism and Communism being always built by men, and with the sickle and hammer showing absence of understanding of the clitoris’ penetrative abilities into the man’s anus. In fact you reinforce them. In Western companies settling in China by using an ISDS clause to protect their crematory systems it is sure for instance that CCP members will push people not obedient to the CCP to muster the crematory systems.

Trying to plan a revolution within China is unlikely to work. China has to be compressed into itself to force meditation and allow that they understand the need to develop their own markets, their own consumer base, and produce for it, instead of producing for exporting. It’s in the interests of China.

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