Xi Jinping self-sacrificed in a Wuzhen-8 for the good of carbon emissions and hence agriculture

The Bonneval sur Arc impact point shows the skull of President Xi Jinping. After the recent Sanmen nuclear accident, his political career was too much covered in blood, but at the same time he still had convictions, especially for agriculture, his specialty. In Kazakhstan he rose in a Wuzhen-8 which was brought to Azerbaidjan and then I guess Belarus where Long March 4 rockets can be sent in the high atmosphere.

The lasers of HEU eating from the legs are implicit.
Xi’s Moments. His greetings simply represent his personal commitment through his death in the missile of the shape implied to the left by the harvesters, with the HEU lasers directly allegorized. Pres Xi Jinping left also behind him a note inviting Chinese citizens to be a “nation of heroes”. To say that he had to be the first one, and he did it.
His impact on the mountain, with traces of the blood jet closer to me, and black ashes on the soil.

The atomic shock also created many debris with some carrying the main elements of his face catapulted kilometers away. This is one that I found in the middle of the Haute Maurienne, with cremated blood stains matching :

He died smiling.

On agriculture, he needed also to lend a hand to Muslims whom he chased and persecuted in Xinjiang, the only way was a Decisive act. The usual very strong condemnation of carbon emissions from France made it the target and the process adopted exogeneous, through the support of Separatists who, if they succeed from the plutonium brought in are expected there to establish carbon-emitting plants since they think the French government is wholly opposed to that (it’s clear there is a strong lack of carbon dioxide emissions in the Haute Maurienne, the vegetation is weak). This system that I have invented on May 13th is the reason of the mobilization :

(Germanium is used in the pyramid to break the coal, because it’s a particularly well-fitted element for that purpose. This illustration is part of a paper under peer review. Fission products in the subcritical fission component draw further NORMs in easily from the bottom of the cylinder)

By the way there are very interesting data on temperatures that show how Close the link is between nuclear Reactors and thermal heating, but also how it falls down rapidly when getting farther away. This is a bit different from the subject of Carbon dioxide emissions but also related. In 2021 12 nuclear reactors were put subcritical in France but with a spallation source on the water entry tube, constraining on the long term restablishement of full pressurization (read criticity) to get neutrons onto the fuel, because of cracks on the other side of the neutron sources, so by June 2022).

Exactly the map of nuclear reactors in France except for the very high natural radioactivity in southern Corsica

See also my recent Instagram post.

It’s quite sure that reactors near Germany and Belgium were the first ones to be set subcritical again.

So one can see that France has never “cooked up” Africa with its nuclear reactors. This appears in the southern edge of the Var and near Perpignan in 2020 for instance.

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