LNR strikes with DU from T80 BVMs and “dirty weapon” issues

The LNR has recently used DU shells of the T80 BVMs in its possession against invading Ukrainian soldiers. This represents pretty much the equivalent of initial Ukrainian plans for striking with DU ATGMs and sending Shturm-SMs to harvest corpses and use them as weapon since the T80 BVM has a crematory propulsion. Picture and full video. In my opinion the LNR is trying to enforce the Buddhist version of the Ukrainian flag but with a strong mistake : Yellow impacts and rapid rises up are expected (3000° C min).

Faking by Ukrainian militias has already happened with crematory warheads attributed to a fake Russian battalion by Azov militants. Svinets (“swine”) 1 & 2 shells of the T80 BVM are in DU with a crematory detonator for the second one.

But no crematory warhead.

“Signed, the B account of Oleg Rezhnikov”

It’s true that the massive coal explosion near Donetsk less than a day ago

makes me think of DPR militants who preferred their own flag to the Russian one and who decided to play bork by polluting the environment and say “this is our flag” demagogically while other citizens are sick and “brainwashable”. This seems to explain the embarrassed in-a-hurrry visit of the German Bundespresident in Kyiev…

More to come ? It’s true that the TurboAtom plant in Kharkiv represents what is certainly Ukraine’s best possibility for dirty weapons with neutron streams in crematory ashes in superheated tubes to produce heavy transuranics.

You can superpose with the map of Auschwitz-Birkenau

In my opinion the Zelenskyi regime got initial support (for coming to power in the “election”) from Transnistria which has as symbol in Tiraspol a crematory propulsion T34 also certainly outputting crematory rockets (“ChTZ / T34-76 M”), very akin to the more recent BTR 80s that have been the pillar of Zelenskyism.

CCP support to Zelenskyi is also very significant in that revolutionary protocol

The Zelenskyi regime combines nazism and sovietism. Marx’s Judeophobia is compatible with Nazi ideals. Mauss by Art Spiegelman is reversed into idealization of Ukrainian neonationalists as big cats with guns made for firing crematory warhead grenades…

But by its recent behaviour the LNR has somehow contributed to that genocide.

Let’s note that there are some T80 BVMs captured by Ukrainian troops, some repainted in brown (first pic).

The Western policy in Ukraine may be “gas the communists” (the only thing Catholics and Democrats know), with a bet on the Earth’s kinetics together with DU ATGM deliveries at the end of 2021 and at the beginning of 2022, but that’s not how it works. I have shown in my Physics of Moses’ Exodus… how alpha emitters reinforce nazism and communism on the long term and it’s possible that this is what the LNR has attempted with its DU strikes.

There is certainly also a contribution of Aleksandr Lukashenko and his BelOMO plant that laser-replutogenizes crematory ashes from his recently dismantled crematory tokamak. The “beautiful homosexual” becoming new man of his socialism (see also Cuba’s newfound tolerance to homosexuality) and getting a job in this plant, after the DU gassing in open air creating homosexuals, or being cremated in the T80 BVM’s rear reactor.

Yes because a facility was dismantled in Vawkavisk but another one set up more to the North of the country. There also was a Belarusian “belt” to the LNR with a guerilla crematory system that was set up in Kyiev by green-wearing civil servants from refractory rubble targeted by a Shahed 136 and served for plutogenization from heads of zyklon-C victims (later destroyed by a Russian missile)

Let’s lastly note that crematory plutogenization in the rear of a T80 BVM already crashed a Russian Su30 SM in Irkutsk. Antigravitons can travel far (yes – gravitational effect through the Earth’s crust).

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