Crematory & mash shock and awe, the proposal from Alaska’s administration

I have found how cans of human ash or retchlag material, when getting in the depths of water, reincarnate under Bose Einstein / Fermionic condensation, typically as crabs (for afloat materials, jellyfish are the typical mode, brown-green jellyfish for zyklon-C, pink for natrosol…). The black crab of Norway was multiplicated by more than two since the beginning of the flights of the P8 Poseidon (that has a crematory system in its rear). For instance. The red crabs come from the fuel material of the Soviet submarines sunken or laid on the shore. DNA reorganization, in general, under underwater radioactivity (reincarnation, you read it).

So, since then the people in the Alaskan Fish and Game Department have place themselves under the aegid of George W. Bush and declared war to humankind by finding out “7 billion crabs are missing”. Seriously.

The symmetry, on the “that includes all the females and babies”, with my presentation there on depleted uranium warfare, is flabbergasting, proving that after the depleted uranium shock and awe these Alaskan officials want to make a crematory (mash) shock and awe.

This resonates with very recent events. The sunflower plutogenization concept that is mine has already led to desperate attempts to advocate whatsoever for use of crematory ashes or mash. For crematory ashes, see the zyklon C experiments remains exhibited at the end of this, and for mash, the Heinz throw on the Van Gogh painting in the same period by two militants who obviously had gotten hand of my paper through some earlier emails of mine. Genocide seems to be a pleasing activity and the Malthusian beliefs in international institutions feed this kind of regulationism. The IAEA’s insistence on getting massive inputs of electricity in Zaporizhzhia NPP proves like many other behaviours of the IAEA (including their total silence on the Iranian program) that it’s just a Soleil Vert (French translation of Soylent Green, fitting better…) organization. Shouldn’t a nuclear reactor Export electricity ? That it imports massive amounts of electricity signals the need to STIR THE POT of human reactors, with bodies full of depleted uranium in the cores. Tiny amounts of electricity entry indicate simply a feed of the staff buildings (so they know in case of an electricity cut that there is a problem elsewhere). The IAEA is behaving as a Western communist / nazi organization, in that its director, Mr Grossi, stands carefully for all “bigger” (grossi…) reactors, bigger being always needed to accommodate human matter in. The system built by Soviets in Zaporizhzhia is exactly what Ukrainian neonationalist militants used with bodies of victims of DU in a guerrilla set up, it’s also used for instance in Arak in Iran.

The same pot-stirring system in Iran

Rafael Grossi won’t say anything. Retchtrain with even the feet cases under it for retrieving bodies after the gassing in Prussian Blue-dyed uranium within (they are for plutonium retrieval, it combines gassing and reactorization, see my link just above for some earlier examples) ? He looks elsewhere.

This resonates also very strongly with Borrell’s recent declaration that “Europe is a garden and the rest of the world a jungle and the jungle should not grow too fast”, with clearly a definitive program, strikes with depleted uranium outside Europe and set up of crematory ovens / reactors where the strikes have been done to reduce economic growth (through mafia activities…). The worst of end-of-the-19th Century Belgian imperialism. Traumatic brain injuries from depleted uranium or thorium (especially in the growing tendency of using chlorine in the fallout…) will also contribute to worsening discriminations and intolerance through the effect I described in my peer-reviewed publication on cultural insecurity.

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